Genshin Impact - Jean, Amber, Traveler
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Aside from Genshin Impact having a rich and interesting story, there is one other factor that makes Travelers keep playing. There is no shortage of waifus in Genshin Impact. So without further ado, here are all Genshin Impact waifus ranked.

Genshin Impact Waifus ranked

Below is an overview of the ranking we have for Genshin Impact waifus. We’re gonna go ahead and put a disclaimer before we explain how we came up with the ranking.

We ranked the characters not according to their skillset but according to how waifu material they are. If you don’t understand the term waifu, it is something you call a fictional character who you feel affection (mostly romantic) for.

Genshin Impact - Waifus Tier List
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S-Tier List

What kind of tier list would this be if we didn’t have the beloved Ei and Yae Miko in the S-tier? Of course, joining them are Beidou and Ningguang. Lisa, the Traveler, Kujuo Sara, and Yelan also make it into this tier.

Genshin Impact - Beidou Ningguang
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Ningguang should have been in either the A or B tier but she definitely outdid herself in recent updates. After the Lantern Rite celebration and that epic fight against Beisht, it’s impossible for Travelers not to see her as one of the ultimate waifus in the game.

Aside from her special outfit obtainable during the Lantern Rite, her willingness to sacrifice the Jade Chamber yet again definitely gave her plus points on our waifu ranking.

For Kujou Sara, she makes it into the S-tier list just because. Her bravery and undaunted loyalty to the Raiden Shogun definitely gives her plus points as she gets included in the S-tier.

Next, we have the Traveler or Lumine. Before we decided to have her as an S-tier waifu, we considered both types of Lumine: the Abyss twin and the Traveler twin. Both personas are undeniably waifu material. Her perseverance to find her Twin and also being a complete badass are big factors we considered.

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And finally, Yelan. She’s there because need we say more? She’s Yelan, a secret agent. And she’s looking pretty badass in her official gameplay trailer.

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A-tier list

And now we have the waifus in the A-tier. Although most of the waifus here are usually ranked in the S-tier list for other Travelers, that’s simply not the case for us. If we didn’t have to classify Genshin Impact waifus in different tiers, they’d all be in S-tier. However, these characters are in the A-tier because they exude cute or uWu feels.

Save for Eula, of course. But if we look past her being part of the Lawrence Clan, there are definitely uWu moments with Eula in Genshin Impact.

As for Rosaria, she hasn’t shown up much in the main story of Genshin Impact. But her silent-but-deadly persona especially during the special event for Dragonspine is what made us rank her in the A-tier.

B-tier list

For the Genshin Impact waifus in the B-tier, it’s quite hard to explain. Personally, Ganyu would be ranked higher than B-tier but in the recent Genshin Impact events, she hasn’t shown up that much. But don’t get us wrong, Ganyu is waifu material.

Screengrab Courtesy of Genshin Impact via YouTube

Same with Jean, Amber, Noelle, and Kuki. However, we do take into account their presence in the game. For Kuki though, she definitely gives out uWu vibes but not exactly waifu vibes.

C-tier list

As for our second to the last tier, we finally have Ayaka. Joining her are Fischl, Shenhe, and Barbara. Although Shenhe gives out total mommy vibes, there just isn’t much Shenhe content in the game that would make Travelers attached to her.

Compared to Yae Miko who is part of the S-tier, Shenhe’s exposure in Genshin Impact is too little for us to see her as an ultimate waifu.

D-tier list

Finally, our final tier. Aloy, Xiangling, Xinyan, and Yun Jin are part of the D-tier for Genshin Impact waifus. This is because personally, Xiangling gives off sibling vibes, especially with her roles in the game’s story. As for Xinyan and Yun Jin, they don’t seem like the type to be one’s waifu.

Although we did get loads of Xinyan content during the Labyrinth Warriors event, it still feels lacking. The same goes with Yun Jin when she was first released. And as for Aloy, she just randomly arrived in the game but not much was revealed about her.

Who knows, maybe the waifus in the D-tier will move up after future updates. But as of now, they’re the Genshin Impact waifus at the D-tier.

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What are your thoughts on our ranking for all Genshin Impact waifus? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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