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Genshin’s list of super strong, game-destroying characters is already pretty long for only being out a bit over a year. We have goats that can level mountains, sheltered girls turning swaths of foes into ice cubes, spooky girls sending everyone into the afterlife, and support characters that are tough enough to “support” your enemies to death. If you want someone who can utterly demolish anything this game has to throw at you, there are plenty of characters to help you do just that.

Let’s be honest, though, these characters aren’t always everyone’s favorite, and they may not be your favorite characters either.

What happens if your favorite character isn’t part of the “World Destroyer League”, and doesn’t have the kit, abilities, or stats to break the game in half? Use them anyway. Yes, that’s right… take your favorite character, the one that resonates with you, the one who has the design that you just adore, and run with them all across Teyvat to your heart’s content.

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Why? Because you want to, that’s why. That should be more than enough incentive to bust some heads with that one character who you really like, but in case you aren’t feeling quite motivated enough yet, here’s some more convincing.

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Genshin is a game, meant to be enjoyed. It’s a fun activity, possibly even to relax with or to escape reality for a bit.

If you love numbers, then great, use whoever is best. If you want to enjoy yourself and immerse yourself in the game, then use whoever you like the most, sky-high numbers or not. These particular characters give you joy; they’re fun to look at, fun to travel with, and fun to play.

It can be a more enjoyable experience to play Genshin (or any similar game) with your favorite characters because that’s probably the primary reason you’re playing an RPG game about exploration in the first place.  

You can also build them to be decent powerhouses in their own right, even if they aren’t running a proverbial steamroller over the game. Most characters are built to be able to do their jobs well enough, even if they aren’t the best.

Image Courtesy of miHoYo

With enough investment and time put into making them the best they can be, they will do their job well enough to beat nearly anything in the game, just not quite as quickly. Oh no! It took you a few seconds longer to kill those enemies! Better switch to a character you have less fun using to save time, right? No. 

Even if the unit you like is a four-star character, use them. You’ll have more fun doing it, even if they aren’t as powerful as a five-star unit. Even if the unit you like isn’t even a main DPS unit, who cares? Play them as one anyway. It’s okay to break the “rules” if you’re having fun.

Do what you want, and be yourself. Follow your own path.

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