Genshin Impact: Pre-Farming For Upcoming Characters, Should You?

Should you farm items in advance for Genshin characters who have yet to be released?

Knowing that Yae Miko was the head of the Grand Narukami Shrine, and a shrine maiden herself, I figured that it was a reasonable assumption that the sakura petals around the shrine would be a reasonable item to collect. If I were to want Yae, for example, the pink petals, which matched Yae’s pink aesthetic and her character, would surely be one of the items I would need to gather a lot of, if I wanted to use them to ascend Yae once she was released.

I diligently gathered the sakura petals, some of them even inside the shrine itself where she occasionally shows up in person. “Why not do this ahead of time?”, I thought, assuming that I was saving myself some time collecting large quantities of items so that I would immediately be able to level up Yae once I wished for her. 

Boss Materials?

This perpetuated other aspects of the gameplay since once I had done that, I figured that I should probably also collect what I had assumed were her boss materials as well. Doubtful that it was the new cryo shark boss in Enkanomiya, a place with no connection to Yae, I decided on farming the electro bat boss instead.

Image Courtesy of miHoYo

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The bat, called Thunder Manifestation, was a pure electro being, similar to Yae. Its materials were used for only two characters. Surely, a lightning bat with sparsely-used materials located in the massive lightning zone would be the materials needed for Yae, a character who literally summons lightning bolts from the sky, right? I spent large quantities of resin and time beating up the bat until I had all 40-something dead bat parts (Storm Beads) that I figured I’d need.

The problem is, Yae uses none of these materials to level up or ascend.

Yae simply uses materials from the most recent area, out of developer convenience, simply to promote the new zone. Her ascension materials are a water plant, not a sakura petal, despite the fact that her aesthetic literally includes sakura petals from the very shrine she watches over.

Screengrab Courtesy of Grunty Gaming via Youtube

Why? No good reason, apparently. Mihoyo must have gathered up some darts; I suppose they set up some pictures of random materials on the wall, and Sea Ganoderma took the hit. Sea Ganoderma, a water item, for an electro user who has sakura petals in their splash art.

So here’s the guide…

Don’t farm items in advance for characters who have yet to be released, until you are absolutely certain that you know exactly what they are. Just don’t do it. It doesn’t matter how connected to an item a character might seem, Mihoyo doesn’t seem to mind that much.

Wait until the item is confirmed, then grab all of them to your heart’s content. Your resin is limited, and your time might be as well. It might not seem like a huge game tip, but it’s sneaky that way… so just wait. You don’t want to be stuck holding a bag of useless dead bat parts in public; with nothing to do with them, looking like a bat-killing lunatic. Trust me on this.     

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