Genshin Impact’s character trials give you a measly 20 Primogems for completing a short, arena-style battle with the new character on each banner. Because of this, most players will complete the trial in a few moments, take their Primogems, and forget about it until the next one. That would be a huge mistake. What makes a character fun to play, or exciting enough to spend potentially hundreds of hours adventuring with doesn’t necessarily come from spreadsheets, ascension stats, or how cute you think they are (though that helps).

Character Trials

  • The magic of having that character that clicks with you, and makes you want to keep playing as them often comes from a fundamental and practical understanding of how they play in the game. That’s where the character trial comes in.
  • Instead of just trying it out one time and ducking out with your primos, spend some time really getting to know a character: how their kit works, what they’re capable of, and most importantly, how the character feels to you when you use them. I’ve been guilty of skipping out after one trial myself.

I have to admit, even if I wasn’t sure about a character after trying them out, one time using them casually is not nearly enough to get a solid understanding of whether or not I would enjoy playing a character. There’s no substitute for actually putting a character’s kit to use, and getting behind the wheel with them.

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A Fair Chance

  • The more time you spend replaying the character’s trials, the more acquainted you’ll be with whether or not you actually like them. You might surprise yourself, and figure out that a character who you had little or no interest in is suddenly at the top of your priority list, because their kit and playstyle is something that you had no idea that you wanted.
  • This is only likely to happen if you give each character a fair chance. The last thing you want is to discover that you might have really enjoyed a character, but you didn’t take the time to learn if they were for you or not.

Being stuck waiting months for a character to appear on a returning banner can be a harsh lesson in who you actually want for your account. Next time you’re unsure whether or not a character is for you, spend the time training with them for a bit. You never know if they might become your next favorite Genshin impact character.

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