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As of January 5th of this year, certain characters in Genshin Impact are going to be undergoing some aesthetic changes. Beginning with Jean, Amber, Rosaria, and Mona, these characters are going to receive changes to their outfits that diminish the more revealing parts of their outfits.

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This comes from a recent push of China’s regulations towards video gaming. It is predominantly going to be affecting China’s “version” of characters moving forward. Other regions are largely unaffected by this change. However, it’s important to cover (see what I did there?) an issue as important as this one, how it affects the Genshin community, and what it represents for the future of the game.

“Traditionalist” Outfits

First, let’s talk about the differences, and what they mean for Genshin Impact. These characters, and likely others in the future, are receiving outfit changes in China, and they are mandatory in that region. Other servers will probably be receiving these outfits as well, though they will almost certainly be optional there. In all cases, the characters’ new outfits are more “traditionalist” in nature, opting to replace exposed areas with less exposed ones.

It may only be for four characters at the moment. However, it can be assumed, due to the fact that this is an ongoing regulatory change, that more characters will be receiving this modesty treatment, including any future characters, as well.

Image Courtesy of miHoYo

Even though current characters will likely have options for other regions, it is unlikely that Genshin developers will design future characters with multiple outfits for different regions in mind. This is likely to lead to more modestly designed characters for all regions in the future. Whether you agree with this type of change or support it is up to you. 

Can the developers of Genshin Impact be held responsible for this change, despite whether it is received positively or negatively?

Considering that, like any other company, if they do not adhere to regulations placed upon their industry (regardless of whether or not they agree with those regulations), the company might face financial penalties or potential infractions.

It should not be expected for a company that is beholden to their shareholders and to the player base they have spent the effort to cultivate, to accept penalization or potentially ruination of their own business over regulatory decisions that are made above them. This is Mihoyo’s choice to make; it is their game, and they can treat it however they please.

Consumers are also free to respond to this decision however they please as well, and this may affect Mihoyo financially. Despite being put between a rock and a hard place, Mihoyo has apologized to the community for this situation. Reception from some members of the community has been ranging from hostile to understanding.

Some members are upset about the changes, while others acquiesced after the change. Both sides may have good points, but how do you feel about the issue? Leave a message in the comments, we feel like this is a topic worth discussing.

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