2023 DraftKings Rocket Review: How to Play and Strategies

DraftKings Rocket has become a hit online casino game for its simple gameplay, good-for-player odds, and fantastic multipliers up to x1000. We’ll walk you through its features and playing strategies.

Overview of the DraftKings Rocket Game

If you’re looking for a game with a blackjack-esque strategy and the thrill factor of casino, baccarat, or keno, DraftKings Rocket will fit the bill. It’s a bail-driven game developed in-house by DK’s design team. First launched in September 2021 in New Jersey, the title has become so popular that it has raked in more revenue than any other DraftKings-owned game.


The technology under the hood of the game is ExitBet. The software combines entertainment-based gaming and communal themes with a high RTP of 97%. It allows you to hop onto a virtual rocket and bail out anywhere. The overarching premise is that the more you stick to your guns, the more handsome your payout will be, as the multiplier increases as the rocket soars up to 1000x.

DraftKings Rocket is the first DK game based on ExitBet. It’s part of its burgeoning custom game library that packs the ranks of Bingo Blackjack, March Mania Roulette, and Hart-Race Hold’em (the operator whipped up this one in conjunction with comedian Kevin Hart).

Gameplay: The Ins and Outs of Playing the Rocket Game

The Rocket is precisely what it sounds like – a game played with a soaring rocket. The graphics are rich, yet the gameplay is straightforward. Although this is a new title, the features, especially the play menu, feel instantly familiar.

The backdrop is unsurprisingly space-themed, with a countdown clock that pays homage to the style. The x-y planes feature time of flight and multipliers, respectively. That gives you the illusion that the rocket is going up or down.

You must place your wager before the clock counts down to zero, which is when the rocket blasts upwards. It’s your job to bail out of the rocket at any point during its fight. The higher it skyrockets (no pun intended), the greater the multiplier that’ll apply to your wager. If you exit at 20x with a $10 stake, you’ll get a $200 payout. If lady luck dances in your favor at the max 1000x multiplier, you will land the highest payday of $10,000 for your $10 bet.

Here’s a step-by-step how to play DraftKings Rocket:

  1. Load the game and choose the bet amount: You can place your bet manually or automatically. In the latter case, you’ll enter both the wager amount and auto cashout multiplier.
  2. The rocket takes off: Once the countdown reaches zero, the rocket will launch.
  3. Exit to cash out: You can bail manually before the auto-cashout multiplier is reached. Otherwise, the auto will kick in when (and if) your target multiplier is run before the rocket stops.
  4. Get your payout: You’ll be paid based on your stake and the multiplier at which you bailed out. If you wager $10 and exit at 10x, you’ll get a $100 payout.

The Rocket responsive design makes the game playable on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. If you’re still feeling some heebie-jeebies, you can simply watch as other players dread the rise and get higher multipliers. It’s also customizable, allowing you to personalize the game with up to six rocket themes.

Does One Need to Sign Up to Play?

Yes, you can only play the DK Rocket game once signed into your DraftKings account. Lucky for you, signing up for a player account is a cinch:

  1. Navigate to DraftKings online casino site
  2. Set up your account: You must provide your email address and decide a password and username for logins.
  3. Provide your personal information: DraftKings asks for the cliché (We’re talking your name, home address, and date of birth). Also, for KYC verification, you’ll need to enter the last 4 digits of your SSN.
  4. Security setup: In the next window, you’ll be requested to enable location on your device. You can then submit your sign-up info, and that’s it.


Rocket is a High RTP Game

DraftKings rocket has a decent return-to-player (RTP) percentage of 97%. That puts it on par with popular slots like NetEnt’s Rush Reel and Microgaming’s Hexaline. RTP isn’t an exact math – it just means that for every $100 that you wager for like an hour on the rocket game, you should get back around $97.

How to Improve Your Chances of Winning at the Rocket Game

At its core, Rocket Draftkings title is a game of chance. The house edge is about 3%, which puts the casino ahead of you. However, you can heed a few strategies and tips to set yourself up for success.

Ease into the Game

As with any casino game, the first DraftKings rocket strategy is to start small. This is especially true if you’re a newbie. You don’t want to dive headfirst and put $500 on the line when you don’t know the ins and outs of the game.

Watch your Bankroll

Your bankroll is your lifeline. The longer you stretch it, the more likely you will enjoy the game (and possibly make bank). It’s a no-brainer to set a budget and stick to it down to the tee.

You’ve heard it many times, and we’ll repeat it: don’t wager more money on the rocket than you cannot afford to lose. Feel free to take a breather if you’ve not hit a good multiplier and the game is guzzling up your bankroll.

Use the Auto-Cashout Feature

Being patient is a superb DraftKings rocket strategy. If you cash out too early, you might miss out on a good multiplier. That’s why it makes sense to use the auto cashout feature to bail out at your target multiplier.

DK Rocket Review: The Verdict

DraftKings Rocket is a fun and engaging game with gameplay that’s straightforward to learn. Its paytable reveals a decent RTP of 97%; it may be tough to master since this is a game of chance. You may boost your winning odds if you watch your bankroll, be patient, and leverage the auto cashout feature.

One word: try.

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