Courtesy of Rockstar Games

GTA 5 is a game that still holds its place in the greatest games of all time. And this is after so many years! So, without further ado, we’ll talk about how you can entertain yourself in Los Santos.

The world of the fifth part is not the largest, because at least it repeats the dimensions of San Andreas. Just technology allowed us to achieve a different scale. However, it is without a doubt the most comprehensive, diverse, and vibrant in this series. Life simulation generates different situations. And we also have three heroes who look at it differently and meet troubles in their way. Running an older man a marathon is a kind of comedy about crazy older adults doing anything. This, by the way, is worth remembering. The world in GTA 5 is rich in entertainment! And we will start with the official ones.

Take up a healthy lifestyle 

In contrast to drugs, alcohol, and madness that the heroes do – there are sports events, vegetarian food. And one rich man has a tennis court, on which his wife makes him practice. And it’s status. Many people from tennis begin their sports development. Only Michael and Trevor can play on the court. Franklin, apparently, does not really like it. 

For lovers of a leisurely game, there is golf. Take equipment on one platform and stamp out posing as Lucky Gilmore. Besides, there is a triathlon. It is a distance race, swimming, and cycling race. 

There are more lively species: base jumping, diving, hunting. The latter is well thought out at the simulator level. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. There is still yoga for aesthetes, but it is flavored with humor, rather than something useful. Built on a quick-time event, so it’s fun.

Visit casinos 

GTA 5 is a game where you can enjoy yourself by going to casinos. As the graphics of the game are improved significantly, you can get more pleasure by playing various games. Avid GTA 5 gamers prefer to play roulette for money in GTA 5 world because it is simpler and does not require a lot of thinking unlike poker, where you need a deep understanding of strategies and psychology of the game. Once you have finished the main campaign, you have the choice to play casino games and win as much money as you can to rule Los Santos.

Surf the Internet

With the advent of an ancient, by today’s standards, mobile phone in GTA 4, it became clear that in the next part this topic will be developed as it should. The assumption was justified. And much more than many expected. We pumped not only the phone but also the Internet, as such. 

Reading tweets is quite interesting, every event in the city is covered in Bleeter. There you will find the reactions of people of all classes. Even a grandmother can post how, during her photoshoot on the beach, she saw a suspicious black guy. The Internet world in GTA 5 creates the “soul” of the game, immerses the atmosphere even more.

Relax and watch TV

The option to spend leisure time alone, without adventure, may not be so interesting, but more sincere and sweet. Many do not need this, because, in fact, we do this at the game, but some are fascinated by feature films or television programs. Therefore, you can watch TV at home, sitting on the sofa, or go to the local cinema. Michael, by the way, has a plot problem with them. Watching films about the Second World War, comedy, drama, romance is fascinating. Michael will even sob on some. 

Trevor can throw popcorn if he doesn’t like the movie, and Franklin will fall into three seats and watch calmly. The maximum that you will achieve a fun trip. Films, by the way, go on for a very long time. 30-40 minutes. So be careful, do not bury yourself under the blanket. 

The first option may go sideways. While watching TV, sitting at home, it will be offered to smoke a joint or puff a bong. And you can atmospherically dress for this, in sweatshirts, panties with a T-shirt. The bummer will go for a walk, begin to whine, raise self-esteem, call mom, wife, even if they are not there, play the police, and much more. Some actions can cause long-lasting effects. 

But you can just sit on the couch. Cultural, simple, without adventure.

Spending nights with ladies

There has always been a bit of adult content in the game. Unless from the increased level of technology and authority Rockstar Games, the degree increased with each part. By the 5th part, it reached its peak. Therefore, you can spend pleasant nights with the ladies, and you can see their body in the dead of night, only for yourself, too. But first, you need to find your charm in the appropriate institution.