Despite its blocky oddities, Roblox is home to a huge library of terrifying horror games. Check out our recommendations and give them a shot!

Stop It, Slender!

Slender games abound in Roblox, with their notoriety fluctuating daily. Stop It, Slender!, an ambient and eerie game in which you must seek hidden pages before the Slender gets you.

Stop It, Slender! has all the charm of a horror game, including a fluttering torch, a wrecked, deserted building, and, of course, the strange faceless Slender stalking you through the evening. This game can trip you up despite the blocky visuals and hazy textures!

Dead Silence

For legitimate reasons, it’s been labeled Roblox’s spookiest game. Dead Silence will make you question if the tale of Mary Shaw is even worth exploring! You’ll have to shove your way through narrow spaces, crawl across shafts, and read a great deal of creepy stuff.

All the while, traces of blood, flickering lights, and a creepy sense of being watched. Whether you like it or not, Dead Silence is a terrifying Roblox haunted mansion game.

The Mimic

The Mimic is a story-driven horror game in which you look for hints in a deserted school. Mimic is in Chapter 3 and is among Roblox’s most successful horror games of 2021.

The game employs eerie lighting, jump scares, and note-based narrative. Is it appropriate for children under the age of ten? Probably not, because it’s one of the creepier titles on the list.

It Lurks

Things appear ordinary initially, but once you’re in deep sleep, your family has vanished, and things have turned eerie.  When you start hearing strange sounds, you instinctively want to look around the house. Things quickly deteriorate, and strange occurrences begin to occur throughout the house!

Each episode increases the paranoia, so if you’re not a fan of jump scares, this one isn’t for you. Because this is single-player, you’ll have to go it solo, so ensure your lights are turned on to hold the creepiness at bay!

Alone In A Dark House

Alone In A Dark House is from the other end of the creepy. This one’s a little frightening. It’s a typical scary layout: an abandoned residence filled with mysteries and few lightbulbs. This narrative game has different endings, not all of which are particularly nice.

You can play with a group of other people, which makes the game a little less terrifying, or you can play alone for the most intense combat. This game is not suitable for children under the age of eight, as it can be disturbing.

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