5 PC Game Tips and Tricks Nobody Told You

Games are not only circulating on the mobile platform but are also available for Windows PC devices. If you have a limited budget, maybe you can have a laptop with an affordable price tag to play your favorite games.

At a low price, you may find shortcomings in these laptops, especially in terms of device performance. However, you can maximize your laptop’s potential so that you can still play PC games on your computer comfortably.

PC gamers use some innovative ways to maximize the gaming experience without even having to upgrade their devices.

Although upgrading components is still recommended, the following tips can maximize the potential of computer performance when playing games.

5 PC Game Tips and Tricks Nobody Told You

To make your gaming experience better in each session, you can do the five tips below:

1. Pay Attention to The Minimum Specifications

If you like playing games on PC, of ​​course, you can first check your device’s ability to run games. Qualified specifications allow the device to run games smoothly. Games that are launched on PC are usually packed with brief information about the minimum requirements.

First, check the specifications of the game you want to play. Pay attention to RAM requirements, and if the game can run with RAM according to the capabilities of your laptop, then it is a good thing.

If you want games to run more smoothly on your laptop, you may need to upgrade the RAM to at least 8GB. The 8GB RAM is good enough to handle low to mid-range games.

2. Use Third-Party Software to Smooth Things Up

If you want to feel a smoother gaming experience, make sure to use any third-party programs, such as Nvidia GeForce Experience and Razer Cortex.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience is a program that allows you to choose the most optimal graphics settings based on the capabilities of your computer’s hardware.

That way, players can enjoy the highest graphics while maintaining the most stable frame rate. This program is available for free for both NVIDIA and AMD graphics card users (even though Intel HD).

Razer Cortex is mandatory software before you play games. Basically, the Razer Cortex functions to “turn off” several background programs so that you can maximize computer performance when playing games only.

This program is beneficial for those of you who have small RAM or often experience lag when playing games.

But, if you don’t want to install the additionals, you can also approach another method: switching unused programs off.

To smoothly use low-end laptops to play games, users need to reduce the device’s workload optimally. Software that is running or the number of tabs open in the browser may affect the desktop’s performance when running games.

Users can first turn off all software or applications and close tabs in the browser so that the laptop can focus on running the game.

3. Cool Your Desktop

Modern computers will automatically throttle or reduce the workload due to overheating. This is useful for preventing hardware damage.

Ensure your computer has good air circulation and is diligently cleaned of dust. Adding a fan or cooling pad for the laptop also really helps prevent a significant increase in temperature.

Rising temperature can also be related to your hard drive load. To ease the burden, you can do regular defragging.

Computer users with hard disk drives (HDD) should always do regular defragmentation. That way, the loading process on the game becomes faster and even avoids minor problems such as lag, missing textures, or even crashes.

While on the SSD, you only need to do Optimize (Windows 10 automatically understands and will not defrag the SSD).

4. Always Be Safe When Playing Online Games

Online games have been rising in popularity nowadays. Although it’s fun to play them with others, you always need to pay attention to your safety.

Most games are equipped with the safety protocols provided by the developers. But, to make things better, you can add another layer of protection by using VPN. You may use VPN for Windows PC securely and play the game smoothly without worry. Your original IP will remain hidden and secure from all other spying eyes.

5. Boost Your Desktop Performance

Windows 10 is equipped with the “Ultimate Performance” feature, which increases hardware performance to its maximum potential. This practice will make the computer more powerful, but with the consequence of being more wasteful of power consumption.

As another option, you can also consider overclocking your desktop to perform much better than before.

In short, overclocking is increasing GPU and CPU speed at the expense of efficiency. Although it will provide extra performance, overclocking will also cause higher heat, so the computer must first be equipped with an adequate cooling system.

In addition, not all GPUs and CPUs can be overclocked. And even if you can, overclocking damage isn’t covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. So make sure you understand all the risks before doing this technique.

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