Honkai: Star Rail – Draconic Tears | How to Get & Use

Honkai: Star Rail - Draconic Tears | How to Get & Use

The Draconic Tears is obtainable via one of the hidden quests in Honkai: Star Rail. This specific questline will reward you with these tears and you may use them to exchange for utility items in Honkai: Star Rail. You will also travel to different locations and talk to NPCs to finish this quest. In this article, we will guide you on how to get and use the Draconic Tears in Honkai: Star Rail. Let’s begin!

Honkai: Star Rail – Draconic Tears | How to Get & Use

This questline is pretty straightforward and you can finish this in less than 10 minutes. Use Fast-Travel and make sure you grab the quest items required before teleporting to the next locations.

How to Get Draconic Tears

The first items you need to get the Draconic Tears are the Dirty Mechanical Part and the Old Tin Box. They’re all in Xianzhou Luofu which can be easily obtained. Getting Draconic Tears has some steps that involve interacting with different NPCs in-game and traveling to various locations.

Draconic Tears in Honkai: Star Rail are obtained through a series of steps:

  1. Firstly, warp your character to Starwatcher Avenue Space Anchor. Visit Jeweler’s Pagoda in Central Starskiff Haven. Check the glowing item on the counter and the Pawnbroker will talk to you after. After some little chitchat with Handian, he will then hand you the quest item (Dirty Mechanical Part).
  2. Approach the Frowning Young Man located near the Jeweler’s Pagoda and present him the Dirty Mechanical Part; in exchange, he’ll offer you an Old Tin Box.
  3. Next, warp to the Court of Tranquility Space Anchor and visit the Spare Time Book Shop in the Exalting Sanctum. After a cutscene, you will notice a woman searching for a Box. Hand her the Old Tin Box you just received, and she’ll thank you with a bottle of draconic tears as a reward.

How To Use Draconic Tears

  • Go back to Central Starskiff Haven and talk to Howard northeast of the pawnshop to use the Draconic Tears. Hand over the Draconic Tears and he will reward you with Stellar Jade (10), Strale (10), and Credit (5000).

These tears are obtained through a hidden quest that involves completing a series of steps, including interacting with NPCs and traveling to different locations. You can exchange the tears with Howard for useful items such as Stellar Jade, Strale, and Credit.

Additionally, Strale, which can also be used to purchase items at the pawnshop, can be obtained by completing specific missions or hidden quests. By following the guide, you can efficiently obtain Draconic Tears and make the most out of this hidden questline in Honkai: Star Rail.

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