One of the more challenging achievements to complete in A Plague Tale: Requiem comes with the Feathers for Hugo’s collection. Getting each of these will add minor cosmetics for the character. You’ll have to collect seven total, and you can track them in the former Herbarium Flowers collectibles group. You’ll be able to start collecting them from Chapter 6.

Chapter 6 Feather

The first feather will be offered to you automatically. As you’re progressing along the path, Hugo will discover some Jay feathers near a tree. He’ll then switch his collection to Feathers instead of Flowers.

Chapter 7 Feather

The next feather will be available once you are at a shoreline. After Hugo chases some Seagulls away, you’ll see a fisherman’s hut to your left. You’ll have to walk further up the beach to see it. The hut window is open, so enter and move along the rocky path.

You’ll see a seagull on a ledge with feathers beneath it on the ground. Move and add the Feather to your collection.

Chapter 8 Feather

For Chapter 8, you’ll have to be thorough with your search to find the Feather. While in La Cuna’s market, you’ll see Hugo asking people about his dream markers. Head to the upper left corner of the market, and you’ll see a courtyard with a tree. You’ll have to go to the tree and search the base of it to find black feathers underneath.

Chapter 9 Feather

You’ll find the chapter 9 feather about halfway through when you enter a more narrow part of the level. Don’t bother searching for the open area at the start, as you won’t be able to get the feather there.

You’ll be entering a tower during this chapter. Climb the highest point and go to the nearby ledge, where you’ll see a road. You’ll find a tree with a bird’s nest at the end. Below the nest will be the Feathers you need.

Chapter 10 Feather

After the scene where Amicia uses a chandelier to open a doorway, search the area. You’ll find a hidden side path on the road’s left side which you can follow. It leads to a ledge unto a lower pathway. Once you reach the end of that path, you’ll find the feather.

Chapter 11 Feather

Once you use Greek Fire for the first time, you’ll come across another barrel behind wooden blanks. Use your Sling or Crossbow to shoot Ignifer unto it from a distance. It will create a hole in the wall, and you can enter a new room. The Feathers will be inside for you to collect.

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Chapter 13 Feather

The final feather is here. You can access it when youneed to push a cart to reach a wall with vines. Instead of moving it there, move it to the left side to another scalable wall. After climbing, you’ll see a post with a bird’s nest at the top. The Feather will be there for you to collect.

A Plague Tale Requiem: Feather Collection Rewards

After getting every Feather, you’ll be able to complete the Ornithologist Achievement along with its Trophy. It’s one of the harder ones to finish. You’ll also find that Hugo will gain several cosmetic items for customization.

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