A Way Out: How To Get All Endings (Leo And Vincent)

What’s fascinating about A Way Out is that it can conclude in one of two ways, depending on the players’ choices. While the paths to both versions of the A Way Out ending are identical, each one tells a different story that wraps up the adventure’s loose ends.

Prior to the release of It Takes Two, Hazelight Studios’ previous game, A Way Out, was regarded as one of the best co-op experiences ever created. The plot centered around two inmates who had escaped from prison and were on the run from the authorities. Players must take over the roles of each character and work together to escape.

Here’s how to get both A Way Out endings and what they depict
(Spoiler Alert)

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Players realize near the end of the game that Vincent has been an undercover detective the entire time, using Leo to recover the Black Orlov and bring justice to his fallen brother Gary, who was also undercover and was the buyer in that possible sale. This leads to a crazy episode in which Leo kidnaps Vincent and the two fight to the point of driving their car off a bridge.

Leo manages to escape on a boat after surviving, but Vincent pursues him in a helicopter. The two eventually collide in a warehouse, resulting in a firefight between them.

From here, the outcome of A Way Out is determined by who survives the struggle. Whoever deals the most damage over the duration of the conflict has the upper hand in the battle. Both Leo and Vincent will be unarmed and will be attempting to reach the pistol while they are both hurt in the last sequence of the altercation.

Whoever gets there first will be the last to strike their former ally. Then, once the altercation is done, a sequence will play that shows what happened next.

Vincent’s Ending

  • Leo will fall if Vincent is the one to finish the conflict, and Vincent will hold his hand while his betrayed companion passes away.
  • After the altercation, Vincent pays a visit to Linda and Alex to inform them of his death. Linda will evict Vincent from her trailer due to her anguish.
  • Vincent will return to his house later to make amends with Carol. He informs her that he has decided to leave the police department in order to spend more time with her and their baby.
  • The closing scene of the A Way Out finale depicts Linda and Alex visiting Leo’s grave. And grieving over his loss after Carol invites Vincent inside.

Leo’s Ending

  • If Leo is the one to shoot, Vincent will ask Leo to deliver one last letter to his wife Carol. As Vincent’s side of the screen fades to black, the players watch Leo walk away.
  • Leo delivers the letter to Carol and the players hear Vincent’s voice reading out the letter as she reads it. Leo reunites with his wife Linda and their son Alex as they begin to pack.
  • The A Way Out ending comes to a close as the players watch Leo drive away while Vincent’s funeral takes place at the same time.

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