AC Valhalla: Weapon Upgrade Guide

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, crafting is a crucial game element. Players can get a few new weapons. Moreover, players must ensure that their weapons and armors are upgraded regularly. This guide provides you with a quick guide about crafting.

Gear Upgrade

Players may upgrade their weapons and armor to improve their stats. There are a total of ten upgrade slots or bar segments available. In fact, it is elementary to enhance your equipment. It may be done from the Inventory screen at any time and from any location, as long as the appropriate materials and upgrade slots are available.

  • Select the item and then click the Upgrade button. Suppose the resources are available; press and hold the Upgrade button to finish the upgrade.
  • Iron ore, Leather, and Titanium are the materials for improvements. These items may be obtained via exploring the area and plundering small treasure boxes. Moreover, iron ore and Leather are both reasonably priced.

Item Statistics

From the equipment tab, you may choose to enhance your armament. This ensures that the upgraded weapon inflicts more damage while the strengthened armor increases its defensive capabilities. Select the Upgrade option after pointing the pointer to a specific piece of equipment. However, upgrading is not free. You will in fact need suitable materials for crafting.

Furthermore, the number of upgrades is restricted by the item’s quality. When you move your mouse over an object, you will notice little rectangles indicating how many times you may enhance the item’s statistics. Moreover, you must strengthen the quality of a particular item to obtain additional rectangles.

Enhancing Weapons and Armor Quality

Enhancing a weapon or piece of armor raises its quality level. Moreover, this provides upgrade slots and rune slots and frequently results in a cosmetic change. However, improving does not increase the stats of the gear. Weapons and armor have four quality levels. They are Excellent, Superb, Flawless, and Mythical. You may also identify them on the Inventory page by their backdrop colors.

Screengrab Courtesy of ESO via YouTube

Fine is a grey hue, Superior is a copper color, Flawless is a blue color, and Mythical is gold. The quality level of a specific item also has the maximum impact on the number of improvements and is shown as follows:

Fine Quality 2 improvements (max)
Superior Quality 4 improvements (max)
Flawless Quality 7 improvements (max)
Mythical Quality 10 improvements (max)

In fact, the blacksmith is the only person who can improve gear. Carbon, nickel, or Tungsten ingots, which are relatively uncommon collector Wealth goods, are required. Additionally, each improvement varies depending on the type of gear and the amount of augmentation.

Players can approach the blacksmith by telling him, “I want to enhance my gear.” Players can select a particular item that they want to upgrade from then on. A preview will pop up displaying the enhancements and the exact cost. Hold the Enhance Quality button to finish the enhancement.

Obtaining Crafting Materials

Players can obtain skin by searching animals and killing them. Iron ore can be found in obsidian stones. But to get iron ore, players must destroy the obsidian stones. Coal, nickel, and tungsten ingots can easily be located in places marked with yellow ingots on the map. Additionally, most of the crafting materials can also be purchased from merchants.

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