Act 2 of Noelle’s Hangout Event returns! This time, you’ll be assisting her with her “Knightly Exam Prep”. As you continue through the tale, you’ll notice that there are numerous intertwining parts. Check out our guide for Act II of Noelle’s Hangout Event, which includes all storylines and dialogue options!

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Act II: Knightly Exam Prep

There are 6 storylines and 3 key branches in Noelle’s latest Hangout Event. When you encounter her in the library for the first time, you can choose one of the main sections!

  • Go to the library and speak with Noelle.
  • Select: “A change of scenery might do you good.”
    • The Traveler will take Noelle to Liyue Harbor if she chooses this option.
    • The missions are simple: Eat at Wanmin Restaurant and visit the blacksmith.
    • A child will approach Noelle while you’re at the blacksmith. Following the discussion, you have two choices:
      • Option 1: Head to the harbor and speak to Millelith.
      • Option 2: Head to Third-Round Knockout.
  • 1st Storyline Ending

    • Option 1: Head to the harbor and speak to Millelith.
        • Talk with the Millelith guard if you decide to go to the harbor. You’ll be directed to the hill above Stone Gate after that.

      • Noelle will face a number of Treasure Hoarders. You’ll get the “Rest Amidst the Rocks” ending when you’re finished.
  • 2nd Storyline Ending

    • Option 2: Head to Third-Round Knockout.
      • The NPC in this area will ask Noelle to look into a hilichurl base near Liyue Harbor. Simply demolish the items in this area (i.e., towers, huts, and boxes).
      • Noelle will fight with a few hilichurl mobs that will spawn. After defeating the adversaries, give a Chaos Device to the NPC.
      • Come back to Liyue Harbor to listen to the NPC’s praise for Noelle’s actions while slightly exaggerating the narrative.
      • The “The Maid-Knight’s Tale” ending is obtained as a result of this action.

  • Go to the library and speak with Noelle.
  • Select: “Confront the stress of the exam directly.”
  • Select: “Take more exams to get used to the atmosphere.”
    • Noelle will try the Adventurer’s Entrance Exam.
    • NOTE: Make sure that Katheryne is not part of any story or world quest before approaching her in the Adventurer’s Guild! These will prevent you from moving forward in the Hangout Event until you complete the task that involves speaking with her.
    • Katheryne will direct you to Cyrus, who is located near the tavern.

    • He’ll give you 3 crucial exams to pass, and you’ll need to clear 2 of them to be successful.
    • If you fail 2 tests on the Adventurer’s Entrance Exam, you’ll also fail Noelle’s Hangout Event, and you’ll have to start over from the beginning.
  • 3rd Storyline Ending

Question Answer
The flower that’s not in Wolvendom. Windwheel Aster
The adventurer who left journals and notes. Roald
The windless land. Mare Jivari
    • Cyrus will request a food item that adventurers require. 1x Steak should suffice.
    • Giving him Grilled Fish would be the wrong action!
    • If you pass both exams, go to Brightcrown Canyon and meet with Cyrus. You’ll face off against a single Ruin Guard there. Don’t panic; you can use your other party members to dispatch the robot quickly!

    • Speak to Cyrus after that, he’ll be gushing about Noelle.
    • The Maid-Knight appears to have acquitted herself admirably. This will give you the “Perfect Score” ending.
  • 4th Storyline Ending

    • You only need to fail one of the two tests. You could, for example, get one of your responses wrong on the first exam but still offer Cyrus a steak on the second.
    • You’ll still have to battle the Ruin Guard in Brightcrown Canyon. Return to Noelle in the library for the “Points Deducted” ending.

  • Go to the library and speak with Noelle.
  • Select: “Confront the stress of the exam directly.”
  • Select: “Try to imagine herself passing the exam.”
    • You should go to the Stormbearer Mountains, according to Noelle.
    • Take out the Pyro slimes that spawn by grabbing a specific handful of Valberries.
    • After that, a tagged area will show up, and you must interact with it. Noelle will create her own Baron Bunny as a result of this. Unfortunately, unlike Amber’s skill, it does not aggro enemies.
    • You have two choices for cheering up Noelle after defeating the hilichurls:
      • Option 1: Try to be like Jean.
      • Option 2: Try to be like Kaeya.
  • 5th Storyline Ending

    • Option 1: Try to be like Jean.
      • Interact with a few NPCs. A monocle appears to be missing, and you must locate it.
      • Talk with Glory, who is sitting on a bench, and then look over the city’s rooftops. The monocle can be found next to a bird’s nest.
      • You’ll get “The One and Only Noelle” ending.
  • 6th Storyline Ending

    • Option 2: Try to be like Kaeya.
      • Return to Mondstadt.
      • Visit the tavern.
      • Clean up the tables on the second floor after confronting the drunk. After that, approach the bartender.
      • This will give you the “Work Made for a Maid” ending.

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