With a little assistance from Tubby in the Housing System, increasing the Adeptal Energy Rank in Genshin Impact is a lot easier than gamers might believe!

It’s critical to enlist Tubby’s assistance in raising the Adeptal Energy Rank. Ultimately, this lets you earn some fantastic bonuses, as well as new furnishings and the Humble Abode rank. Tubby is accompanied by the Serenitea Pot, which contains all of the items required to advance in rank.

Tubby’s Trust

  • Obtaining the Serenitea Pot is the first phase in increasing the Adeptal Energy Rank.
  • The Pot requires completing several missions first. Then, finishing the Archon tasks lead to A New Star Approaches, which would be the launching point!
  • Successful completion of A New Star Approaches leads players to “A Teapot to Call Home.”
  • Tubby will become accessible within the Serenitea Pot upon finishing the mission.
  • You will have a variety of selections for furniture, dyes, and, most crucially, his Trust Rank! The Trust Rank will be crucial in raising the Adeptal Energy Rank.

Adeptal Energy Rank

  • Tubby’s Trust helps the Adeptal Energy Rank increase.
  • The Adeptal Energy Rank of a player increases every time he or she purchases and puts furnishings.
  • Fit For A King is the maximum Adeptal Energy Rank, with a bonus of 30 Realm Credits per hour!

  • Players must construct furnishings to increase Tubby’s Trust rank, which grants increased energy blueprints.
  • Moreover, Vials of Adeptal Speed are a great way to boost Tubby’s Trust Rank.

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