Age of Wonders 3: How To Use Cheat + Codes

The cheat codes in Age of Wonders 3 aren’t quite so intrusive. Although there’s only a handful of them, players may still be curious about what Triumph Studios gave them to ride with, as well as what they could be walking away with.

How To Activate

  • To use cheats in Age of Wonders 3, gamers need to head to the launcher.
  • Choose “run in debug mode”, found under Miscellaneous.
  • Hold CTRL+ALT and press C once you’re in the game.

Cheat Codes

Recognizing how to budget gold in Age of Wonders 3, or indeed any strategic game could be the secret to success. Gamers require gold to cover upkeep costs and to construct new structures in their cities. Thankfully, the cheats below are related to gold and mana!

Code Description
BOSCH Gold +100
THXBRIAN Gold & Mana +100

Because spells are such a crucial component of Age of Wonders 3, Triumph Studios was kind enough to include a few spell cheats in the game.

Code Description
LEEUWENHOEK Research the current Spell / Upgrade
ERASMUS Research all Spells / Upgrades
SPINOZA Unlock all Spells / Upgrades
HUYGENS All Spells for free

Cities are essential to any Age of Empires 3 game, though cheats can increase efficiency. Such cheats can allow organizing cities and the assets they generate much smoother for the gamer, as well as easing the stress of exploration.

Code Description
TASMAN Explore map while Fog of War is on.
BARENTZ Reveals the entire map.
PHILIPS Instant production of your queue.
GLOOMCITY Current city happiness +1,000

The mentioned cheats will assist gamers who require extra assistance in getting through fights, from spawning new heroes to power leveling existing ones, and also instant W or L.

Code Description
RUYTER Spawns new hero.
HAUER Hero level +1
NEXTTURN Advance a turn.
HEIN Instant Win
GERARDS Instant Loss
CRUIJFF Free movement

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