Summer is here, and Jean and Barbara appear to be looking forward to cooling off at the beach. Jean has some new beachwear, but it’s only obtainable in the store and charges Genesis Crystals.

When you approach the Golden Apple Archipelago, conversely, you will be eligible to acquire Barbara’s new wardrobe. Here’s our Genshin Impact tutorial to assist you with Echoing Tales and the Echoing Conches spots for Barbara’s Summertime Sparkle.

Where To Find Echoing Conches

Alternatively, use this Interactive Map for a more precise location!



  • An Archon’s Seaside Reminiscence

  • One River Flowing Down the Middle

  • Four Winds Bring the Sound of Joy

  • Moon and Wind

  • Clan of Song, Scattered

  • Wisdom of the Ancients

  • Incoming Tide

  • Two Paths Through the Lonely Forest

  • Five Mountains Hide the Little Village

  • Sudden Attack

  • Where Duty Lies

  • The Trapped

  • Homeland

  • Stoic Bloom

  • Sail and Escape


  • Wolf’s Predicament

  • Stone and Phantom

  • High Tide Warning

  • Tidewatch Sentries

  • Mysterious Savior

  • A Father’s Thoughts


  • Grilled Fish, Tortoises, and Innocence

  • The General

  • The Price of Experimentation

  • Pro-Exit Persuasion


  • An Archon’s Deeds

  • Fog and Exit

  • Nowhere To Run

  • The Inverted Ruins

  • The Outside World

Barbara’s Swimsuit

Echoing Conches can be discovered throughout the Golden Apple Archipelago. Interacting with these artifacts triggers a memory interaction.

You’ll be rewarded with Mora, talent booklets, and mystic enhancement ores for every four Echoing Conches you collect. Barbara’s Summertime Sparkle swimsuit will be unlocked once you’ve found all 24 pieces.

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