Resident Evil Village involves padlock combinations to be able to reach unique items. So let’s uncover all the combinations you need!

Each of the 2 vaults in Resident Evil 8 requires a specific code to open. Moreover, each of the 3 codes is a six-digit numeral combination. By pressing the upward and downward buttons on your controllers, you can input the correct code. The locked objects open immediately after you’ve entered the correct code.

Workshop – The Village

  • When you initially come back to The Village and are allowed to enter the Workshop, a brief puzzle prevents you from instantly obtaining the items of a metal cabinet.
  • Looking out the window is how you’ll discover the combination. You can get the numbers 0704 by positioning the numbers on the shattered windowpane.
  • Lock Combination: 070408

Doll Workshop – House Beneviento

  • The code for this lock can be found on the undersurface of the Wedding Ring and is part of the Doll Workshop brain teaser in House Beneviento.
  • To obtain it, you must first wash the Blood Covered Ring in the sink located inside the Silver Key-accessible room.
  • The code can then be found by examining the Wedding Ring.
  • Lock Combination: 052911

Maestro’s Collection – The Village

  • A padlock will be preventing your direction to Maestro’s Collection after you’ve given entry to the house having the prize.
  • “I’ll never forget her fifth birthday,” a note says. Then there’s a child’s portrait in the other room with the date 27.09.17 on it.
  • Lock Combination: 270917

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