So now we’ve made it to Act II, and the Golden Apple Archipelago offers many surprises. Murals camouflaged throughout the territory as a portion of the side mission “The Other Side of Isle and Sea” are one such secret. Here’s a guide that will help you find all of the murals!

Mural Locations

  • Twinning Isle
    • The first mural is on the huge land area due south of Twinning Isle. Descend below the rocks to discover a narrow route between them.
    • Go to the island in the west from Twinning Isle. A mural is at the beachside in the northern part of this location.

  • Nameless Islet
    • The farthest one is located all the way to the northeast. To enter a tiny island that is typically in fog, you’ll want to travel from Twinning Isle between 10:00AM – 2:00PM.
    • Follow the flow of water till you enter the Nameless Islet from the Twinning Isle tiny island pictured below.

  • Minacious Isle
    • This one can be found to the left of the huge rock formation on the eastern side of the island.

  • Broken Isle
    • Drop down to the southwestern part of the rock formation coming from the fast travel point. Here you’ll find a minigame called Painted Ground/Painted Wall.
    • Use “E” to toss the Harpastum device, then left-click to hit it back at the surface once it has bounced back toward your hero.
    • You’ll have to fight a few enemies once the wall is broken. The mural can be found inside the small cave.

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