Animal Crossing: How To Kick Out Villagers

You have a lot of control in Animal Crossing. You can decorate your home according to your own personal style. Once you unlock terraforming, you can even change the very landscape of your island! But in the case of villagers, you have less control.

There are nearly 400 villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it is only possible for a player to have 10 of them living on their island at any one time. Convincing a villager to leave naturally can be an extremely protracted process in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Are you guys wondering how to get rid of the villagers?

How to Kick Out the Villagers

  • AVOID THEM! One of the easiest ways to kick out the villagers is to simply avoid talking to them.  If you ignore your villager for days on end, they’ll be more likely to decide to move out. Keep refusing to talk to them until you see them walking around with a puzzled expression and a thought bubble above their head.
  • AMIIBO CARDS: The other method that can help in kicking out the villagers is Amiibo cards. These cards can be located online and are included in blind packs. Or, you can obtain specific cards from dealers on eBay. A viable option is to use an Amiibo card to substitute a character on your island.
    • Choose the Amiibo option and request whichever card you have. Once selected, they’ll then take a trip to visit your city as a camper. Satisfy all their needs and requests, and keep nudging them to move in.
    • When your island has reached maximum capacity, you’ll be urged to replace a villager with the person requested from the Amiibo card.   That’s when to make your move to get rid of the undesirable villager.
Image Courtesy of Nintendo

Kick Out with Kindness

  • There is one more way to get rid of the villagers. Be extra nice and kind to them which might encourage them to get a move on. When you reach “best friend” level with a villager, the game will consider your relationship with them complete, triggering their desire to move out.

Trading Villagers

  • Another interesting way is by trading the villagers with other players. Players can look at online forums and dedicated marketplaces to engage with other players to trade villagers with them. This is a preferred method for those that are looking for a particular inhabitant.

We hope that the article will resolve your problem to get rid of the unwanted villagers.

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