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This February 2022, the waters of Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be teeming with new creatures owing to changes in the marine ecosystem. New fish are arriving!

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the fish you can catch this month, which you can find below. This will make it easy for you to donate and complete the collection of the Socrates museum, as you will have the list at your fingertips.

Anchovy Sea 4:00-21:00 200
Balloon Fish Sea 16:00-9:00 2,500
Bass Sea All Hours 400
Bitter River All Hours 900
Blowfish Sea 16:00-4:00 5,000
Chub River 9:00-16:00 200
Coelacanth Sea (Rain) All Hours 15,000
Crucian Carp Pond All Hours 160
Goldfish Pond All Hours 1,300
Koi Pond 16:00-9:00 4,000
Leuciscus River 16:00-9:00 240
Mackerel Sea All Hours 150
Oar Fish Sea All Hours 9,000
Perch River All Hours 400
Ranchu Pond 9:00-16:00 4,500
Red Snapper Sea All Hours 3,000
River Goby River 16:00-9:00 400
Rooster Sea All Hours 300
Sea Butterfly Sea All Hours 1,000
Smelt River All Hours 500
Squid Sea All Hours 500
Sturgeon Mouth All Hours 10,000
Sun Fish River 9:00-16:00 180
Swordfish Dock All Hours 10,000
Taimen Waterfall 16:00-9:00 15,000
Telescope Fish Pond 9:00-16:00 1,300
Tent Pond All Hours 300
Transparent Head Fish Sea 21:00-4:00 15,000
Tuna Dock All Hours 7,000
Turbot Sea All Hours 800
Yellow Perch River All Hours 300


Spider Shaking Trees 19:00-8:00 480
Wasp Shaking Trees
All Hours 2,500
Hermit Crab Beach 19:00-8:00 1,000
Snail Rocks (Rain) All Hours 250
Centipede Rocks (Shovel) 17:00-23:00 300
Woodlouse Rocks (Shovel 23:00-16:00 250
Sand Pill Rocks (Beach) All Hours 200
Dung Beetle Ground All Hours 3,000
Tiger Beetle Air All Hours 1,500
Chive Cricket Underground All Hours 500
Ant Rotten Fruits All Hours 80
Damsel Dragonfly Air All Hours 500
Asian Longicorn Tree Stumps All Hours 350
Brooke’s Winged Butterfly Air 8:00-17:00 2,500
Sky Blue Butterfly Air 17:00-8:00 4,000
Paper Kite Butterfly Air 8:00-19:00 1,000
Common Butterfly Flowers 16:00-19:00 160
Fly Rotten Food All Hours 60
Pocket Caterpillar Trees All Hours 600
Moth Near Lights 19:00-4:00 130
Tarantula Ground 19:00-4:00 8,000

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