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If you’ve played Apex Legends before, then you know that it features a large roster of playable Legends. Here is a list of all Legends and their Skills in Apex Legends.

What is a Legend in Apex Legends?

In Apex Legends, the playable characters are called Legends. Moreover, each Legend has their own ability set and skills which can help players emerge as the Champion after each match.

Although Apex Legends is free-to-play, you need to spend Legend Tokens or Apex Coins to unlock Legends you want in the game. Each Legend costs 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins to obtain.

If you aren’t planning on spending, you can earn Legend Tokens by leveling up and completing quests. However, Apex Coins require you to spend real money. But you can also purchase Skins from the in-game store with Apex Coins.

Every time there is a new Season in Apex Legends, the game also introduces a new Legend to the roster.

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Legend Classes in Apex Legends

If you’ve played Apex Legends before, then you’re aware of each Legend belonging to one of the four Classes in the game. The Classes in Apex Legends are the Offensive Legends, Defensive Legends, Recon Legends, and Support Legends.

To provide a more detailed look at the Legends and their skills in Apex Legends, we’ve listed down all 18 Legends and their abilities below. Moreover, they are grouped according to their Class.

Offensive Legends in Apex Legends

Legend Name Short Description
Ash Incisive Instigator
Bangalore Professional Soldier
Fade (available on Mobile only) Phasing Punisher
Fuse Explosives Enthusiast
Horizon Gravitational Manipulator
Mad Maggie Rebel Warlord
Mirage Holographic Trickster
Octane High-Speed Daredevil
Revenant Synthetic Nightmare
Wraith Interdimensional Skirmisher

Legend Skills

Ash – Incisive Instigator

Apex Legends - Ash Legend
Image Courtesy of Electronic Arts

For this Legend, her skills are best used to gain the upper hand on enemy teams by revealing their locations.

Passive Ability: Marked for Death

If you’re playing as Ash, you can see recent deaths on your map as one of her passives. Moreover, Ash can interact with deathboxes to find the enemies who killed them.

Tactical Ability: Arc Snare

For her tactical ability, Ash can throw a spinning snare that damages and binds an enemy.

Ultimate Ability: Phase Breach

And for her Ultimate, Ash opens a one-way portal which her team can use to escape if ever they get cornered.

Bangalore – Professional Soldier

Image Courtesy of Electronic Arts

Bangalore is one of the first Legends available when Apex Legends launched. She can deploy smoke screens and rocket attacks against enemy teams.

Passive Ability: Double Time

If an enemy shoots at Bangalore, she gains a speed boost for a short period of time.

Tactical Ability: Smoke Launcher

Bangalore fires a smoke canister that covers a large area in smoke.

Ultimate Ability: Rolling Thunder

When using her Ultimate, Bangalore calls in an airstrike which can inflict heavy damage on enemies in the area.

Fade – Phasing Punisher

Apex Legends - Fade Legend
Image Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

As of now, Fade is only available for Apex Legends Mobile players.

Passive Ability: Slipstream

After sliding, Fade gains a short speed boost.

Tactical Ability: Flashback

Fade goes back to where he was 20 seconds ago. Moreover, it restores shield health lost.

Ultimate Ability: Phase Chamber

Fade releases a phase cage which sends all Legends into the Void.

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Fuse – Explosives Enthusiast

Apex Legends - Fuse Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Fuse is the Offensive counterpart of Caustic since he can damage enemies with explosives.

Passive Ability: Grenadier

For his passive, Fuse can pick up an extra grenade. Moreover, he can throw grenades farther and faster compared to other Legends.

Tactical Ability: Knuckle Cluster

Fuse launches a cluster grenade from his arm which can damage enemies after it fires off airburst explosives.

Ultimate Ability: The Motherlode

For his Ultimate, Fuse launches a bombardment. This creates a circle of fire which can damage enemies that move through the walls of the circle.

Horizon – Gravitational Manipulator

Apex Legends - Horizon Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Horizon is similar to Ash since she can use her abilities to help her team rush enemies.

Passive Ability: Spacewalk

She has increased movement control while in the air. Then, she recovers faster compared to other Legends after landing on the ground.

Tactical Ability: Gravity Lift

After throwing her tactical ability, Horizon creates a gravity lift which can launch enemies and allies into the air. After exiting the lift, Legends have boosted movement.

Ultimate Ability: Black Hole

For her Ultimate, Horizon deploys her N.E.W.T. device. This creates a small black hole which pulls in enemies and tethers them.

Mad Maggie – Rebel Warlord

Apex Legends - Mad Maggie Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Mad Maggie is best used for players who are aggressive whenever they encounter enemy teams.

Passive Ability: Warlord’s Ire

If Mad Maggie is equipped with a shotgun, she moves at double speed. Additionally, she can temporarily mark enemies after successfully shooting them.

Tactical Ability: Riot Drill

This ability lets Mad Maggie shoot into walls. Afterwards, explosive flames come out from the hole which can damage enemies on the other side of the wall.

Ultimate Ability: Wrecking Ball

Mad Maggie throws a wrecking ball which leaves speed-boosting pads in its path. If an enemy gets hit by the ball, they get disoriented.

Mirage – Holographic Trickster

Apex Legends - Mirage Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Mirage is best known for his decoys and how he can confuse enemy teams with them.

Passive Ability: Now You See Me

If Mirage is reviving or respawning a downed ally, he is invisible for a short period.

Tactical Ability: Psyche Out

Mirage deploys a decoy which can mirror his movements or just keep running in a straight line.

Ultimate Ability: Life of the Party

Mirage deploys multiple decoys at once which automatically copy his movements. Moreover, Mirage is invisible for a short while after using this ability.

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Octane – High-Speed Daredevil

Apex Legends - Octane Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Octane can run right away or into gunfights with his speed-focused abilities.

Passive Ability: Swift Mend

If he is not in combat, Octane recovers any lost HP. However, he does not restore lost shield health.

Tactical Ability: Stim

Octane injects himself with Stim that lets him run faster for 6 seconds. However, using this ability will eat up some of Octane’s health.

Ultimate Ability: Launch Pad

Octane deploys a jump pad which launches Legends into the air. After using a launch pad, Legends can double jump.

Revenant – Synthetic Nightmare

Apex Legends - Revenant Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Revenant can disable enemies’ abilities before rushing them.

Passive Ability: Stalker

Compared to other characters, Revenant can move faster while crouching and climbing.

Tactical Ability: Silence

Revenant throws a grenade which silences enemies. If they get silenced, they are unable to use their abilities.

Ultimate Ability: Death Totem

Revenant places a totem which protects Legends. If a Legend uses this totem, they return to the totem after their HP bar is empty.

Wraith – Interdimensional Skirmisher

Apex Legends - Wraith Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Wraith is one of the first Legends available when Apex Legends launched. She can quickly leave fights with her abilities.

Passive Ability: Voice from the Void

If an enemy is aiming at Wraith, a voice will warn her and her teammates.

Tactical Ability: Into the Void

Wraith shifts into the void which allows her to move without taking damage. However, Wraith cannot see enemies while using this ability.

Ultimate Ability: Dimensional Rift

Wraith sets up two portals which can be used by both enemy and ally Legends.

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Defensive Legends in Apex Legends

Legend Name Short Description
Caustic Toxic Trapper
Gibraltar Shielded Fortress
Newcastle Mobile Guardian
Rampart Base of Fire
Wattson Static Defender

Legend Skills

Caustic – Toxic Trapper

Apex Legends - Caustic Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Caustic can trap enemies with his toxic gases.

Passive Ability: Nox Vision

Caustic can see enemies through his toxic gas. Moreover, he takes 15% less damage when in the gas.

Tactical Ability: Nox Gas Trap

Caustic deploys gas canisters which activates if shot at or an enemy goes near it. The gas inflicts damage on enemies which can reduce their HP.

Ultimate Ability: Nox Gas Grenade

Caustic throws a gas grenade which can cover a wide area with his deadly gas.

Gibraltar – Shielded Fortress

Apex Legends - Gibraltar Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Gibraltar can deploy shields to protect his teammates from enemy bullets.

Passive Ability: Gun Shield

If a player uses ADS, a gun shield deploys which can then absorb incoming fire from enemies.

Tactical Ability: Dome of Protection

Gibraltar deploys a dome shield which blocks both incoming and outgoing attacks. Both enemies and allies can enter the dome shield.

Ultimate Ability: Defensive Bombardment

Caustic calls in a concentrated mortar strike at a specific position. It can damage enemies. However, it can also damage Gibraltar.

Newcastle – Mobile Guardian

Apex Legends - Newcastle Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Similar to Gibraltar, Newcastle is focused on shielding his teammates.

Passive Ability: Retrieve the Wounded

If an ally is downed, Newcastle can grab them and deploy a small shield while reviving them. Moreover, Newcastle can drag his downed ally to cover while reviving them.

Tactical Ability: Mobile Shield

Newcastle deploys an energy shield which he can drag along the battlefield, allowing him and his allies to reposition.

Ultimate Ability: Castle Wall

After using his Ultimate, Newcastle leaps forward and puts up a wall which can shield him and allies from enemy bullets. Additionally, Newcastle’s Castle Wall features different sections which his team can utilize to gain the upper hand in gunfights.

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Rampart – Base of Fire

Apex Legends - Rampart Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Similar to Newcastle, Rampart can set up a shield to protect her and allies. However, Rampart also uses a minigun which lets her deal high damage to enemies while being shielded.

Passive Ability: Modded Loader

If Rampart uses LMGs, she reloads faster and her magazine capacity for that weapon is increased.

Tactical Ability: Amped Cover

Rampart deploys a wall which she and allies can crouch behind. Moreover, Rampart’s wall features a shield which can increase the damage of outgoing shots and block some bullets.

Ultimate Ability: Mobile Minigun “Sheila”

For her Ultimate, Rampart brings out her minigun which she can use while moving. On the other hand, Rampart can set the minigun down so her allies can use it. The minigun takes a long time to reload but it has a high number of ammo.

Wattson – Static Defender

Apex Legends - Wattson Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Wattson is most effective as a Legend who protects their teammates from enemies.

Passive Ability: Spark of Genius

When using an Ultimate Accelerate, Wattson fully charges her ultimate ability. Additionally, Wattson regenerates her shield health over time.

Tactical Ability: Perimeter Security

Wattson places electrical nodes which create an electric fence when they are connected. If enemies pass through it, they take damage and are slowed.

Ultimate Ability: Interception Pylon

For her Ultimate, Wattson places an electrified pylon which destroys any incoming ordnance from enemies. Moreover, it restores the shield health of those in range of the pylon. However, enemies can destroy the pylon.

Recon Legends in Apex Legends

Legend Name Short Description
Bloodhound Technological Tracker
Crypto Surveillance Expert
Pathfinder Forward Scout
Seer Ambush Artist
Valkyrie Winged Avenger


All Recon Legends in Apex Legends can use Survey Beacons to reveal the next circle’s location.

Legend Skills

Bloodhound – Technological Tracker

Image Courtesy of EA

Bloodhound’s skills allow them to track and follow enemies.

Passive Ability: Tracker

Bloodhound is able to see tracks from enemies who were recently in the area. Moreover, Bloodhound can use Survey Beacons to know the next circle in the match.

Tactical Ability: Eye of the Allfather

After using this ability, Bloodhound can see enemies, traps, and even clues but only for a short while.

Ultimate Ability: Beast of the Hunt

When using their Ultimate, Bloodhound’s abilities are enhanced. Additionally, Bloodhound moves faster and they can see enemies in the area.

Crypto – Surveillance Expert

Apex Legends - Crypto Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Crypto can use his abilities to find enemies and reveal their locations.

Passive Ability: Neurolink

If Crypto scans enemies with his drone, they are visible to him and his teammates. However, this can only be applicable if they are 30 meters within your position.

Tactical Ability: Surveillance Drone

Crypto deploys a drone which can scan enemies. Additionally, Crypto can either manually control his drone or leave it. But the best feature of the drone is it can recover an eliminated ally’s banner from their deathbox.

Ultimate Ability: Drone EMP

When used, Crypto’s drone deploys an EMP. This can damage enemy shields, disable traps, and slow them down.

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Pathfinder – Forward Scout

Apex Legends - Pathfinder Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Pathfinder and his abilities allow him to get himself and teammates faster to wherever they are going.

Passive Ability: Insider Knowledge

After Pathfinder uses a Survey Beacon, it reduces the cooldown of his Ultimate.

Tactical Ability: Grappling Hook

Pathfinder fires a grappling hook which can move him to and from places.

Ultimate Ability: Zipline Gun

Pathfinder deploys a zipline which can be used by both enemies and allies.

Seer – Ambush Artist

Apex Legends - Seer Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Seer can reveal enemy positions with his abilities, making him a good Recon Legend for your team.

Passive Ability: Heart Seeker

If Seer uses ADS, he can hear the heartbeats of nearby enemies. Moreover, the heartbeats of the enemies are shown on-screen by a yellow indicator which can point the location from where the heartbeat is coming from.

Tactical Ability: Focus of Attention

After using this ability, Seer releases micro-drones that marks and disorients enemies. Additionally, the positions and HP of the enemies can be seen by both Seer and his allies.

Ultimate Ability: Exhibit

Seer deploys a drone which marks enemies moving or shooting while within the sphere. If they are marked, Seer and his allies can see the marked enemies.

Valkyrie – Winged Avenger

Apex Legends - Valkyrie Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Valkyrie can use her jetpack to locate enemies and reveal their positions for her team.

Passive Ability: VTOL Jets

Valkyrie goes up in the air with her jetpack. However, she cannot shoot while using her jetpack. On the other hand, the jetpack restores its fuel over time.

Tactical Ability: Missile Swarm

For this ability, Valkyrie fires missiles which can damage and disorient enemies that are hit.

Ultimate Ability: Skyward Dive

Valkyrie launches herself and allies into the air. After a short time, they can skydive back to the ground. Additionally, enemies near Valkyrie are marked after she uses her Ultimate Ability.

Support Legends in Apex Legends

Legend Name Short Description
Lifeline Combat Medic
Loba Translocating Thief

Legend Skills

Lifeline – Combat Medic

Image Courtesy of EA

Lifeline is one of the first Legends playable when Apex Legends first launched. Additionally, Lifeline is a Support Legend whose main job is to heal and revive teammates.

Passive Ability: Combat Medic

If a teammate is downed, Lifeline deploys her healing drone to automatically revive them. Moreover, Lifeline gets extra supplies from blue supply bins,

Tactical Ability: D.O.C. Heal Drone

Lifeline deploys her drone which hooks up to herself and nearby allies so they can heal themselves.

Ultimate Ability: Care Package

Lifeline calls in a Care Package which contains high level loot.

Loba – Translocating Thief

Apex Legends - Loba Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Loba can find and provide high level loot for her squad.

Passive Ability: Eye for Quality

Loba can see Epic or Legendary items through walls.

Tactical Ability: Burglar’s Best Friend

If she uses this ability, Loba throws her jump drive bracelet and it teleports her to wherever it lands. Moreover, Loba can throw her bracelet again mid-flight so she can choose where to land.

Ultimate Ability: Black Market Boutique

Loba opens up her Black Market anywhere, allowing her and other Legends who access it to pick up two items from the shop. Moreover, players can also restock on ammo with Loba’s Ultimate. However, enemies can access the Black Market as well so if you’re using Loba, make sure to close up the shop once you’re done.

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Apex Legends is free to play on the PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S. On the other hand, Apex Legends Mobile is now available for iOS and Android.

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