Apex Legends How to create Private Matches

To be honest, who wouldn’t enjoy playing custom games? With lots of tournaments here and there, these custom lobbies benefit these organizers to successfully hold an event. Apex Legends has the custom game option until the latest season. However, to access one private game, you need some kind of access code to join or to hold your own. And in Apex Legends Season 15, things may have quite changed and we love to see it. Everyone may utilize these custom games, so here’s how you can create private matches in Apex Legends.

Create private matches in Apex Legends

These updates should be effective and available on January 10, 2023. According to Apex Legends News on Twitter, private matches can be hosted by all players. Tournament codes can be utilized as well.

  • Firstly, make sure you’re logged in to your Apex Legends account. Once you reach the lobby, head to the lower left screen and see the game mode select.
  • When you choose the select tab, it should open a pop-up window. You can notice that there are two options: Public Match and Private Match. Choose the latter to create one.
How to create private match in Apex Legends
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  • Create a tournament or access code for your private match. Now all you have to do is send this code to everyone you want to join the match!

How to join a tournament match

If you are about to join a tournament match or simply others’ private match, you need their code. The code would let you into the custom lobby so you can join.

  • You can follow the steps above, until the selection of the game mode step. Choose the Private Match tab.
  • Instead of creating a match, you should choose to join a game. If you already have the code, you may input it on the bar to successfully join the game.

More about Apex’s private matches

A hosted private match allows up to 60 players to join the game. Five (5) observers can also view the private match, just a quick heads up in case you want to host a tournament!

  • Additionally, this open-for-all private match feature is one of the updates that introduce the Spellbound Collection Event. According to the patch notes, here are a few of what you can expect on the game updates:
Apex Legends, spellbound collection event
Image Courtesy of EA
    • Control Limited-Time Mode comes back to Apex Legends. Engage in a 9v9 battle to control Zones.
    • Join In Progress matches and receive boosts on your first spawn.
    • More spawn tuning to avoid players’ spawning near the enemies.
    • The Inventory Tab now sets as default (bye, scoreboard) when accessing the menus during a match.

Spellbound Collection Event

During the event, you may try to unlock 24 limited-time cosmetics through direct purchasing. You may get legendary skins for weapons and characters like Mirage, Seer, Vantage, and more.

  • Use your Apex Coins or Crafting Materials to buy these cosmetics. Moreover, you can also use the Spellbound Event Apex Packs during the entire event.
  • Engage in daily challenges to gather up to 1,600 points a day. If you have Battle Pass, you may complete multiple challenges all at once, so what are you waiting for? Let’s go rewards!
Apex Legends, Season 15 spellbound
Photo Courtesy of EA
  • Lastly, might as well check the Store to find some limited-time cosmetics and bundles. Catch bundles on January 10 to 13, and a new set on January 13 to 17.
  • Check out the Store for new offers on January 17 to 20, and January 20 to 24. A month-long celebration it is, players!

Squad up with your friends once you create a private match in Apex Legends. What a great way to start Apex Legends Season 15!

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SOURCE: Apex Legends via Electronic Arts
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