Apex Legends is a f2p game, which means you can earn or buy in-game currency with actual money. These can be obtained in a variety of methods and are used for a variety of in-game purchases. This is the most common currency in Apex Legends, but it’s important to understand how to get it. Today, we’ll talk about the Legends Token.

Legends Token

Legend Tokens are one of the four currencies in Apex Legends. The difference is that it is the only currency in the game that’s absolutely free. They’re not available for purchase in-game or as a lucky drop in Apex Packs.

A red and white ‘L’ emblem denotes Legend Tokens. Moving the cursor over your Crafting Metals and Apex Coins, which have light blue and gold symbols in the upper right of your screen, will show you how many you have.


Screengrab Courtesy of Cnote Gaming via YouTube
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Playing the game is the simplest way to obtain Tokens. Advancing level from level 4 onwards, will reward players 600 Tokens. This will keep going even after the maximum level cap has been achieved through match experience points.

  • Every kill gives you 50 XP but scoring higher placements can help you progress faster. Especially at higher levels, where XP gathering turns more of a struggle. Going for kills, surviving late and winning games are a few tricks to help you in saving up for tokens.
  • You’ll gain a 5% boost to your “Time survived” XP bonus at the conclusion of the round for each member of your party when you join matchmaking, up to a maximum of 10%.
  • Purchase and progress through each season’s Battle Pass to unlock more XP-granting challenges and match completion bonuses, allowing you to earn Legend Tokens even faster.
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