Apex Legends has experienced its share of server errors. Since the launch of the battle royale game, players have now and again experienced server shutdown internal errors; though they might not be experiencing any noticeable lag or issues with a connection that usually cause such crashes.

The errors occurred randomly, even in between matches, and kicking them, causing frustration and disappointment in players. Nobody likes a good game taken away from them!

After the player gets disconnected, the game restarts itself with the same codebase, which means the issue might occur again, and players might not be able to join, and complete, matches until the error is fixed. However, there are a few ways around this error.

If you are repeatedly getting kicked with a “server shutting down” internal server error message, it might just mean that there is actually a problem with the server and the developers have to fix something on their end.

Server Status

The first thing to try would be to refresh the server status often and wait for the issue to be resolved soon. In addition, you should also double-check your internet connection to make sure the issue is not your connectivity.

  • Apart from this, you should also make sure that you regularly update your game to the latest version. Errors may have been caused by bugs in the last patch for the game, and the developers will be fixing bugs in newer updates.
  • The game will notify you if a new update release. So make sure you have no updates lined up for download. Updates might also be on hold if you have connectivity issues or if your storage is full.
  • Respawn Entertainment is continuously releasing new updates to enhance the gaming experience of Apex Legends, and we hope that pretty soon the game will be free of any such errors and that players can enjoy their gaming experience without interruptions.

Apex Legends

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