Ashlands How To Find, All You Need To Know Valheim

Valheim is only in Early Access, so gamers can anticipate stumbling across some incomplete and unpolished content. The six major biomes have a lot of threats, bosses, flora, and fauna. On the other hand, the Secret Biomes are three that haven’t gotten much attention yet. The incomplete locations include the topic of this article, fiery Ashlands!

The Ashlands

  • A flaming region with a minor volcanic activity that occurs at random intervals.
  • It appears to be a nod to Norse mythology’s Muspelheim. A fiery realm guarded by the fire giant Surtr in the south.
  • Players may only visit this biome in Valheim for the purpose of exploration or to hunt Surtlings for Surtling core resources.
  • Enemies:
    • Surtlings

  • Players can obtain Coal, Surtling Core, Surtling Trophy in this biome.
  • The coveted Glowing Metal, which can be used to harvest Flametal ore, can only be found in the Ashlands biome in Valheim.
  • Flametal Ore can also be mined using their Iron pickaxe on Glowing Metals.
    • Flametal Ore has no use in the game right now, but that is likely to change with future updates!
  • The easiest way to locate the Ashlands biome in Valheim is to travel to the game’s southernmost point.

  • The Ashlands biome do not require any special equipment to explore. There is no “too hot” effect. Unlike the freezing effect found in Valheim’s map’s colder regions.
  • The Valheim 2021 Roadmap reveals that the final version of the Mistlands will be out before the Ashlands.

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