Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Not All Treasure Should Be Found Guide

The second quest in AC Odyssey’s AC Valhalla crossover expansion is called “Not All Treasure Should Be Found.” You must first finish No Rest for the Misthios before you can begin it. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be on the lookout for an old treasure that won’t turn out the way you expect.

Screengrab Courtesy of Tof Gaming via Youtube

Not All Treasure Should Be Found

Screengrab Courtesy of Tof Gaming via Youtube

Sunken Temple

  • To obtain a key, you must first locate and enter the buried temple. It’s west of the Pontikonisis Islet, the only little island off the coast of Korfu on the map. You’ll ultimately find it if you keep wandering north on the map.
  • The temple can only be reached via a sunken ship, so jump in and start swimming, but keep an eye out for sharks.
  • You’ll have to look around a bit inside the temple to discover the key. It’s hidden within a box on a higher level that can only be reached by climbing a pillar and stepping across a rope attached to it.
  • Once you’ve obtained the key, continue exploring the temple to locate a way out.

Professor’s House

  • The next step is to meet up with Kassandra’s buddies at a professor’s house, but when you arrive, something is strange.
  • To find out what happened and earn your next quest marker, you’ll need to investigate the residence. Most of the spots outside the home are visible, however, one inside requires you to descend through a hole in the roof.
  • Then it’s on to the next place once you’ve found all the clues.

Pirate Warehouse

  • The pirate storehouse is the next destination you must visit. It’s a small town a little further up the coast that’s full of vicious pirates.
  • Take your time cleaning out this area because the enemies are quite difficult to defeat.
  • After you’ve completed your investigation, proceed to the mission marker.
  • This will take you to a quarry where Kassandra fears her companions are being held captive.



  • You must now make your way to the Korkyra Quarry. It’s right beneath the Heart of Korkyra inscription on the map, west of the pirate warehouse.
  • Before heading to the mission location, kill all foes and gather all the loot you can.
  • You’ll come upon a body that isn’t one of Kassandra’s companions. It has a note on it that directs you to the next step.

The Captain


  • For the final phase of the quest, you must meet the pirate captain among the overgrown ruins. Following the mission marker until you reach it, Kassandra will hand over the key and then defend herself against more pirates.
  • You must locate the captain, who has gone off to open a treasure trove, once the pirates have been killed.
  • The captain is the expansion’s first boss encounter, and it’s a really difficult one. A Piece of Eden has corrupted the captain, and now he’s out for more blood.
  • To avoid his strikes and take him down swiftly, you’ll need to use all of your skills. We advise you to use fire. There is a lot of fire.
  • When the captain is killed, you’ll see a plot clip in which Kassandra is subjected to some really horrible circumstances. The quest comes to a close with a cutscene.

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