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Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla players must locate approximately five shards scattered throughout the map for Kassandra’s DLC. Thankfully, all of this hard work pays off nicely. Players gain entrance to the Cave of Gold with the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla quest “Counting Sheep.”

Unfortunately, some of these components are hard to come by or are closely guarded. For those who want to finish the objective quickly, here are the locations for all of the shards in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.

Shard 1

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The first shard can be located in the Isle of Skye, at the very top of the map. It will be located in Hungladder, specifically along the waterfront. There should be a pathway under one of the buildings with skulls hung from ropes inside a bandit camp. Inside, you’ll find the shard piece in an altar surrounded by candles.

Shard 2

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The second shard can be discovered east of the Isle of Skye on a neighboring island. It will be on the island’s southernmost point, to the right of Brother’s Cave. Players should encounter a wide woodland with some platforms suspended from the top of a giant tree once they arrive. Gamers should climb up a neighboring tree that connects to the wooden platform and walk across the tightrope. When you arrive, there should be a large net containing some rocks; shoot it down, and the shard piece should be in a box on the following platform.

Shard 3

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The third shard can be discovered at the Fairy Pools area at the very bottom of the map. Climbing up the rock face will reveal another shrine hidden behind the waterfall. However, upon closer inspection, they will see that the piece is missing.

An older woman will now appear in the center of the pool, requesting that players take part in a sacrificial ceremony. Choose the bottom option, which states that the shard is poisoning the woman’s mind in order to get the piece from her.

Shard 4

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The fourth shard is located near Dun Ardtreck on the western side of the map. Dive into the water and swim near the bottom. In Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, they’ll see several glowing yellow treasure chests, and the shard will be glowing white in a little cave.

Shard 5

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The final shard may be located near the excavation site in the northeastern corner of the map. There should be a broken-down brick building with a gateway heading underground right where the opponents are. Continue on the path until you reach the tomb at the end. A patch of loose brick will be available for gamers to shoot an explosive arrow at in order to obtain the final shard piece.

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