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In Axie Infinity, you must raise your pets before pitting them against other players. Under a Blockchain-based title, these virtual creatures are referred to as Axies. Axie Classes can be considered a non-fungible token, or NFT for short.

The next phase is to level up your pets by fighting other monsters in adventure mode or pitting them against other players’ teams in the arena to climb the leaderboards. Both modes will reward us with SLP, which can be thought of as a virtual currency that fluctuates in value daily and can be exchanged for real money.

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The good news is that each class has various strengths and weaknesses, thus the place of each of these pets in your squad will be determined by that. In the game, there’s a type of rock-paper-scissors system that helps you figure out how to pit these creatures against each other.

Axie Basic Classes

Plant Reptile Dusk
Beast Bug Mech
Aquatic Bird Dawn

Strengths and Weaknesses

Each group of classes has a +/- 15% benefit / weakness compared to all other classes. Axies with classes from the same group earn no +/- bonus when attacking or defending an Axie from the same group.


  • Health– Your Axie’s health pool.
  • Speed– The speed refers to the order in which the game will be played per turn; if your axie is really fast, it will attack first before the slower ones.
  • Ability– When the pet executes many movements or combinations, the ability boosts the damage done by the pet.
  • Morale– Finally, morale boosts your chances of landing a critical hit or attacking more in combat.

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