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BABYLON’S FALL is a fresh spin on PlatinumGames’ critically praised distinctive fighting system. In this cooperative action RPG, you play as a Sentinel, formerly recruited Empire convicts who have unrivaled powers thanks to a parasitic device put on their backs called the “Gideon Coffin.” Reclaim the Tower of Babel with up to three other players. In this article, we will teach newbies how to connect and play with friends in Babylon’s Fall. Enjoy!

Play With Friends

It’s worth noting that Babylon’s Fall supports crossplay across PS4, PS5, and PC, which means you’ll be able to play with friends on any platform. Babylon’s Fall features extensive co-op throughout the whole game.

Bring up your main menu after you and your companions have completed the training and landed in the hub area. Select the Friend List option from the Community tab.

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Now you must select Search and then enter the name of your friend’s in-game character. There are two distinct steps to follow:


Open the menu and go to the “Community” page once you’re in the game.

Go to User Profile, Communication, Players in HQ, and other settings can be found under the Community tab. Look in the screen’s upper right corner. An HQ Code will appear. Give that code to the person you’d like to invite.


After getting the HQ Code from the host, go to the “Community” page in the game’s interface.

Screengrab Courtesy of Gamers Heroes via YouTube

Select Input HQ Code from the Community Tab and enter the code provided by the host.

Play with Friends via Private HQ

For those who do not want to be matched with random people, the team will need to set up their own private headquarters. One player should go to the Community tab, choose “Create Private HQ”.  This will take them to their own personal HQ, where they can welcome players by giving them the HQ code.

Most players will find that playing Babylon’s Fall with a full party of four is the best way to enjoy the game. Regardless of whether they’re with friends or strangers, they’ll have to learn to cooperate and communicate if they want to overcome the Ziggurat’s various obstacles.

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