Back 4 Blood Cards, How To Get Them

Back 4 Blood is going to be a thrilling zombie shooter game from the creators of the critically acclaimed Left 4 Dead franchise. Now with the arrival of a new game, some new changes are surely going to take place. One such change is the addition of Cards. Let’s first learn what are they.

Back 4 Blood Cards

These new cards will allow players more customization to their characters and weapons. Back 4 Blood will make you navigate through levels riddled with zombies and their dangerous variants. While progressing through these levels, you’ll need stronger characters and weapons. This is exactly where these Cards will help you.

These cards will provide you some buffs and tweaks to your characters and weapons. You will have access to some Cards from the start, but you will have to unlock the rest as you progress. This is a new system, and we are sure you might be confused as to how exactly you will obtain them. Don’t worry as in the following sections, we will tell you just that. So here is how you can get them!

At the Beginning

This one comes as no surprise as when you begin the initial playthrough, you will get some cards to get things started. Spend them wisely and only on the characters you want to use.

Looting Containers

You will come across containers, which you can loot throughout the various levels in the game. Do not just pass by them. Make sure to loot each and every container you find in your way. You will come across many containers which have the cards you are looking for.

Vendor Cases

While playing the game, you’ll come across many safehouses. Inside a few of such safe houses, you will find vendor cases. Make sure to loot them as well, as they too have cards sometimes.


As you might already know, Copper will be the main currency of the game and hence, you can buy a lot of stuff using it. This stuff also includes the cards you are looking for, but to buy them you first need copper. Copper can be earned by levels or by killing those annoying zombies. To buy more cards, earn more and more copper.

Supply Lines

Supply Points can also be used to gain some cards. Just go to the supply lines from the main menu and spend more points. The catch here is that what you’ll get here can’t be chosen, and they reward you randomly. So, if you are lucky, you might as well get some cards you need from the Supply Lines.

You must also know that type of Card you will need will depend on your playstyles, selected character, and build. So, choose your build wisely and post that, spend your copper wisely too i.e., just on the cards you need.

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