Above everything else, Biomutant has incorporated a plethora of minor things that are quick to overlook but insert texture and depth to the narrative and the game as a whole. Such tidbits and clues come in all forms and styles, but the side quests gamers can discover along the way are perhaps the most exciting. What more could a player want?

Gadgets and Bunkers

  • Discovering a gadget or item usually entails solving a challenge, and many of them contain treasures or other prizes that can be collected. This little scavenger hunt is both practical and enjoyable.

  • It’s easy to become addicted to a game when a gamer discovers there are secret vaults to be discovered. However, players should exercise caution when searching for these treasures, as many are protected by frightening monsters.

Structures and Passages

  • This is the mission for all wandering souls who want to learn more about Biomutant. The game’s main draw is its lush natural setting, but you will also come across some captivating old buildings if you keep your eyes open.

  • All across the game, the protagonist will encounter entire towns, lonely buildings, and passages. Uncovering them can lead to a journey of puzzles to solve and creatures to slay. This route is also full of fun little hidden things, brainteasers, and treasures.

Save the Captives

  • Captives is entertaining because it is a continuous quest rather than a linear subplot. Captives are held in enclosures all around the place by bandits.
  • You must track down and free each of them individually, no matter what it takes. You  will receive new gear and a 500 XP boost if they finish the mission by liberating all captives.
  • Refusing to assist will result in them receiving 2 Dark Aura, so think carefully before agreeing. You control the destiny of 23 captives.

Extra Characters

  • Side characters will bestow new equipment upon the player. Others could have an incredible story to tell, while others are simply strange and eccentric. Whatever the situation may be, it’s always a smart option to investigate these small hints and see what else this game has to offer.

Notice Board

  • Gamers can find Old World clues on Automaton Noticeboards. Discovering any, if not all, of these items can be the difference between winning and losing the game. This quest is ideal for those who are interested in delving into the story’s abyss and learning more about the universe’s history.


  • For a large portion of the fandom, the most interesting aspect of Biomutant is putting the pieces together in the game’s lore. Discovering and solving the 5 Stronkboxes strewn about the map is crucial to figuring out what caused this parallel universe to exist.


  • Moog is putting together a tool to assist people in navigating the world and pointing out places to avoid. He’s enlisting the aid of assistants and trainees to assist him in locating dangerous locations, as well as surveying out the locations of Sqvips and Munsters.
  • Any gamer can assist Moog by completing this side mission. If they assist him in discovering Sqvips, he will reward them with a variety of useful items!

Klick, Klick, Klick

  • This isn’t just a crucial quest; it’s also a fascinating one. Klick is a persona in Biomutant who will assist you in many ways. First and foremost, Klick will assist you in moving the Klonkfist, giving you a level 2 Klonkfist after they complete the mission.
  • Klick also assists in the discovery of some previously unknown mysteries. If you are willing to dig around tombs, you may be rewarded with a Skeleton Key, which can open any lock that stands in the way.


  • Boom is a Biomutant persona who provides a fun side quest. It’s difficult to overlook this expedition. It’s an optional mission, and while many gamers overlook the extra distance, this one is well worthwhile.

Go to the Gym

  • Just about every task increases the character’s XP, but there is also a means of improving the physical statistics. Old, abandoned, but still useable gym devices can be found by entering former cities and old houses.
  • Another sequence of mini-games resembling a scavenger hunt can be found throughout the map. It’s not only a lot of fun, but it also helps you improve your numbers.

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