Best build for Genshin Impact Mika: Weapons, artifacts, and more

Genshin Impact Mika build guide

Phase 2 of Genshin Impact 3.5 is live and players are dropping their wishes to get the rerun 5-star units. As for Mika, he is the newest 4-star character in the game that has a chance of making its way to anyone’s account. He is an amazing support for someone looking to build a Physical DPS team. 

Mika is the newest Cryo polearm user in the game and an important member of Eula’s Reconnaissance Army. The fair-skinned knight’s purpose is to buff up the character’s Physical Damage in the game. Building Mika is simple and easy, and the following guide will offer more insight into the cause.

Genshin Impact Mika build guide covering his best weapons, artifacts, and more

To utilize Mika to his fullest capabilities, you need to understand how his kit works in-game. Despite being a Cryo unit there is very little that he can do when it comes to applying the element. However, he can fulfill the role of a healer and a buffer for some non-elemental niche teams in Genshin Impact.

Elemental Skill 

Mika Elemental Skill
Mika’s Elemental Skill (Image courtesy of HoYoverse)

His Elemental Skill has a tap-and-hold version. The tap version immediately fires up a Flowfrost Arrow dealing Cryo damage to enemies in a straight line. His hold version allows you to aim and mark a single target. Upon release, it will shoot a Rimestar Flare that will hit the target and three other opponents in its vicinity.

When the ability hits a target, his party members get the Soulwind state which increases their attack speed based on Detector stacks. The stack equates to the number of enemies hit by the skill. 

Elemental Burst 

Mika's Elemental Burst
Mika’s Elemental Burst (Image courtesy of HoYoverse)

Mika’s ultimate ability, Skyfeather Song, heals all nearby allies in the game. Furthermore, the active character receives an Eagleplume mark for 15 seconds. During that time, if they Normal Attack, they will regenerate HP after every 2.5 seconds. The enticing healing setup scales on Mika’s Max HP. It has a burst cost of 70 and a cooldown of 18s.

When it comes to his Physical damage buffing capability, the Ascension Passives in the game, play a bigger role. The first Ascension Passive allows a 10% Physical DMG bonus to the entire party for every Detector stack. The second passive allows a character with both the Eagleplume and Soulwind status effect to gain an additional detector stack. Now, the character has to deal with a Crit Hit to trigger the passive and the bonus effect will be equal to a single stack.

Best weapons for MIka

As mentioned earlier, Mika is a polearm user, and there are a lot of good polearm options in Genshin Impact. Here are some of the best weapons to make him shine as a support. 

Genshin Impact Mika weapons
Best weapons for Mika (Image courtesy of HoYoverse)
  • Engulfing Lightning: Mika has a high burst cost which essentially means that he will require a lot of energy recharge. The first polearm on the list provides massive Energy Recharge from the sub-stat and the passive. The weapon however is a high investment due to its 5-star rarity and it can only be obtained by winning the Gacha system.
  • Favonius Lance: For overall build and effectivity the mentioned polearm is a great choice for both free-to-play and whales. Favonius Lance in Genshin Impact has a high demand as it mitigates the energy issues for the equipping character. It has a sizable Energy Recharge sub-stat and a passive with a chance to generate white particles upon CRIT-ing.
  • Prototype Starglitter: This can be your go-to option for Mika if you don’t have any of the above polearms. This weapon is craftable in the game and offers a healthy ER sub-stat to the equipping character. However, the passive is not that useful but given that it is easily accessible, it made it up on the list.

Some of Mika’s alternative weapon option includes: 

  • The Catch (From the Inazuma Fishing Association)
  • Skyward Spine (Standard Banner)
  • Black Tassel (HP-based 3-star option)

Best artifact sets

When it comes to Mika’s artifact, his best option is the 4-Piece Noblesse Oblige set. It is one of the favorable sets to choose from when building supports in Genshin Impact. When equipped with the artifact, his ultimate will provide an ATK boost to his party members. 

For the 2-Piece broken set option, a combination of any of the following shall be enough. 

  • 2-Piece Tenacity of Millelith (for more HP)
  • 2-Piece Emblem of Severed Fate (to mitigate energy issues)
  • 2-Piece Maiden Beloved (to increase healing capability)
Mika artifact
Best Artifact Set for Mika (Image courtesy of HoYoverse)

Stat priority is also important for Mika, ideally, you should look for some of these as your main stat: 

  • Goblet: HP percentage
  • Circlet: HP percentage
  • Sands: Energy Recharge

Some of the main stats can change depending on your weapon. If you have sufficient energy from the sub-stat, you can swap the sands for more HP%. Running the Favonius Lance might require you to carry a Crit Rate on the circlet. 


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