DotA 2 Easy MMR Guide

DotA’s latest update has been fascinating so far. Steam really did a great job to make it more entertaining and fun for the players. With its latest update, there are actually some heroes in the pool who are too good not to be picked. These heroes get banned in ranked games most of the time due to their latest buffs. Here are just some of the best heroes you can pick for an almost sure victory and easy MMR!

  • Techies
  • Omniknight
  • Pugna
  • Huskar
  • Sniper


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Bombs away! Techies probably is the most annoying hero in the history of DotA. With its latest update, Techies has gone through massive changes.

Though Techies lost Remote Mines (his previous ultimate skill) and Stasis Trap, he gained two new skills which are equally damaging or are even much better.

Its first skill “Sticky Bomb” is literally a sticky bomb that when thrown, sticks/follow an opponent within 300 radius and then explodes, inflicting damage. It can be a good skill to disrupt the enemies’ positioning and their chances at securing creep scores.

Techies’ new second skill is “Reactive Tazer”. Techies trigger an electric charge giving them bonus movement speed for a short period. Enemies attacking Techies are temporarily disarmed. At the end of the effect, the charge explodes, disarming all enemies within the radius.

Finally, Techies’ new ultimate is the “Proximity Mines” (which was previously his first skill).

Tip: Techies is now very great at harassing opponents in the lane. Throwing the Sticky Bomb then casting Blast Off will put enemies in a very tight position. This will prevent them to secure creeps, farm side camps, and force them to buy regenerating items. Just make sure to rush Tranquil Boots so you can spam the Blast Off skill.

Winrate: 46.5%

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Omni Knight was out of the meta in the previous patches due to the heavy nerfs it received. But, in the latest patch (7.31), Omni is once again the go-to hard support for a quick and easy win.

For starters, his new skill “Heavenly Grace” is so powerful and extremely useful during team fights that it’s already too broken. When you cast this skill to an ally, it gives bonus strength, health regen, and a dispel to both Omni and his Ally.

Omni Knight will allow his core hero to sustain damage and stay on the lane without struggle. Pairing him with the likes of Phantom Assassin, Timbersaw, Ursa, Bristleback, and Anti-Mage would be a great fit.

Winrate: 53.48%


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You do not want to face Pugna in your lane, especially a fully equipped one. Fighting him in this update will make you “tilted”. Lately, Pugna’s Nether Ward skill does not only inflict damage to enemies who cast spells, but it also reduces the spell damage of the opponents in the area by up to 25% (level 4)!

And don’t get me started with that Aghanim’s Shard upgrade to the Nether Ward. Why? The shard allows Pugna to target his ultimate skill (Life Drain) on the Ward, causing life drain to refract to all enemy heroes within 700.0 units of the ward for 70% of its normal value.

Would I pick Pugna every game? Absolutely YES! It’s just too broken!

Winrate: 50.95%


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Do you want to play aggressively and win at the same time? Then HUSKAR is probably the best hero for you.

If you want to jump weaker opponents, especially intelligence-based heroes, the Sacred Warrior is now the perfect fit for the job. His “Berserker’s Blood” now has magic resistance. His meta or item builds did not really change that much. It’s the same old Huskar we’ve known in the past. It just got nerfed in this patch, and we would like to take advantage of that, don’t we?

Winrate: 54.8%


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I mean, do we have to even stress this out? Picking SNIPER in pub games will be a sure win more often than not. His skill “HEADSHOT” took a huge nerf in this update. It is now an active skill that when activated gives 100% Headshot Chance (Knockback plus additional damage) for three seconds! Now that is a real marksman.

A fat sniper (fast attack speed, heavy damage, high critical bonus) who activates HEADSHOT? It’s game over folks!

Winrate: 52.36%

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