Best Minecraft Settings for High FPS


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Minecraft just seems like a non-demanding game due to its simple graphics. But in reality, the game can overload even a high-end rig. FPS number drops even more with using graphics mods like Ray Tracing and the like. Laggy gameplay is a real bummer, but you can boost your fps by tuning your game settings. With proper settings, even the most sophisticated house ideas will feel as smooth as possible. Let’s find out more about the best Minecraft settings for high FPS.

There are 4 of the most demanding settings that you should tune in the first place: Render Distance, 3D Anaglyph, Graphics, and Use VBOs. What about the rest? Unfortunately, they boost your fps on a very subtle scale. However, if your gaming PC is too slow (you barely hit 30 fps), you can consider all settings. It’s worth noting the testing base was a vanilla game client with no extra mods or textures. So, to get a smooth gaming experience, use the following settings:

  • “Graphics” – this option severely impacts your FPS (around 15-20), especially during weather effects. The Fast option gives better performance.
  • “Smooth Lighting” – it impacts the quality of shadows. Cut it back if you have a low-end graphics card.
  • “3D Anaglyph” – it deals with 3D effects (if you have specific glasses). Turn this off to boost your fps.
  • “GUI Scale” – it has no impact on graphics level or performance. It just changes the interface scale.
  • “Brightness” – as the previous one, it doesn’t affect your FPS. A brightness slider is needed to make your eyes comfy.
  • “Particles” – it deals with demanding effects such as rain, smoke, sparkles, and so on. It can make a game unplayable on a slow PC. Stick to the Minimal option.
  • “VSync” – this setting matches your fps to your monitor refresh rate. But it’s useful if your FPS is higher than your monitor refresh rate. It doesn’t make sense for a slow PC and can even make your game laggier.
  • “Use VBOs” – VBO stands for Vertical Buffer Object. The setting is about rendering those objects when your graphics card takes all the load. Turn this off if your graphics card has already reached its limits.
  • “Chunk Builder” – it impacts how many blocks you see in your viewing area. 1 chunk = 256 blocks. The lesser chunks – the higher FPS.
  • “Max Framerate” – it limits the FPS number. It’s useful for high-end PCs to cut excessive computing power. For less than 60 FPS – set Unlimited.
  • “View Bobbing” – when you move, your view bobbles. Turning it off, you can get extra 1-2 FPS in some cases.
  • “Clouds” – this option considerably impacts your FPS, so set it Fast or even OFF.
  • “Fullscreen” – Playing at fullscreen is neat, but window mode can give you up to 20 FPS.
  • “Mipmap Levels” – it’s a texture smoothing. All the load is on a graphics card, so for low-end cards, the best option is turning it off.
  • “Entity Shadows” – this option is about entities casting shadows. Turn it off for better performance.

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