XL Candies are similar to regular candy, except that they are only available to trainers who have achieved Level 40 or above and are required to level up your Pokémon to 40+. You’ll want plenty of these candies to power up your Pokémon, so they’re a little difficult to come by.

To raise a Pokémon +0.50, you’ll require at least 10 XL Candies, however, this amount rises as you get near to Level 50. For instance, to raise your Eevee from Level 40 > 41, you’ll have to provide 20 XL Eevee Candies, while to raise it from Level 45 > 46, you’ll use 30.

How To Get XL Candies

  • Getting more XL Candy is as simple as capturing more Pokémon. With most grabs, there’s a good possibility of getting XL Candies.

Many unevolved Pokémon will give you 1-3 XL Candies, but evolved, Legendary or Mythical Pokémon will always give you an XL Candy. You’re more probably to get an XL Candy if your Pokémon is more powerful.

  • You could also get XL Candy by incubating eggs and walking your buddy, although it takes a long time because you must walk several KMs to obtain 1 XL Candy.
  • Exchanging Pokémon with other gamers and transferring a few of your Pokémon to Professor Willow are two other methods to get XL Candies.

If you haven’t yet reached Level 40, the only manner to get an XL Candy is to trade with another trainer who has reached Level 40 or above.

  • When you’re in a hurry and possess a lot of regular Candy for 1 Pokémon, you can trade them for XL Candy, however, this is not a particularly good deal.

There are several other methods to have XL Candies for your Pokémon than trading 100x regular Candy for one XL Candy.

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