Bethesda Starfield: CQB-X Location | Where to Find

Bethesda Starfield CQB-X Location How to Get

In the vast expanse of Starfield, you’ll encounter a variety of challenges and adversaries on your journey. While some space travelers prioritize healing items like Med Packs and Emergency Kits, others are more focused on dealing damage. If you belong to the latter group, then CQB-X, a potent damage-enhancing healing item, might be exactly what you need.

What is CQB-X?

CQB-X is a specialized item that boosts your melee damage by a whopping 25% for a duration of five minutes. This enhancement can significantly amplify the effectiveness of melee weapons such as swords, knives, and other close-combat tools. If you’re eager to increase your combat prowess in Starfield, CQB-X is your go-to choice.

Where to Find CQB-X

Locating CQB-X in Starfield can be a bit challenging, but fear not. We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you acquire this valuable item at various locations across the Settled Systems.

1. Purchase from Doctors

The most straightforward way to obtain CQB-X is by visiting a Doctor. These medical professionals are scattered throughout Starfield, and you can find them at several key locations, including:

The Well (New Atlantis) MAST District at Reliant Medical (New Atlantis)
The Clinic (Narion system) Akila City (Inside The Rock)

Doctors offer a wide range of healing items, including CQB-X, but be prepared to spend around 500 credits for each unit. So, manage your finances wisely while stocking up on these valuable boosts.

2. Check General Traders and Aid Vendors

Another avenue for acquiring CQB-X is by visiting general traders and aid vendors. These vendors often carry a selection of healing items, including CQB-X. Look for them at locations such as:

Jemison Mercantile (New Atlantis) Shepherd’s Goods (Akila City)
Newill’s Goods (Neon) UC Distribution (New Atlantis)
Any Trade Authority store Zuri’s General Store (The Key)
CJ’s (New Atlantis Residential District)

Exploring these vendors’ “Aid” sections might yield the damage-enhancing CQB-X you’re looking for.

3. Search Random Containers

In your interstellar adventures, don’t overlook the possibility of stumbling upon CQB-X in random containers scattered across various planets and locations in Starfield. Keep an eye out for differently-colored emergency containers adorned with a medical cross symbol. These containers tend to be promising locations for finding CQB-X, but remember that this valuable item can appear in unexpected places.

By following these tips and exploring the recommended locations, you’ll increase your chances of securing CQB-X in Starfield. Whether you seek to maximize your melee damage or simply bolster your inventory, CQB-X is a game-changing addition to your intergalactic arsenal. Happy hunting, and may your travels be filled with success and adventure!

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