Bethesda’s Starfield: Emissary or Hunter | Which should you choose?

Bethesda's Starfield Emissary or Hunter

In the late game of Bethesda’s latest RPG, Starfield, you’ll face several challenging decisions that significantly impact the story’s progression and the game’s ultimate ending. One of the most critical choices you’ll make is whether to align with the honorable Emissary or the enigmatic Hunter.

Beware of spoilers as we guide you through this crucial decision-making process.

Unearthed Main Story Mission

During the main story mission, “Unearthed,” you’ll encounter the defining moment where you must decide whether to stand with the Emissary or the Hunter. Your choice at this juncture will set the stage for the adversaries you’ll confront and the rewards you’ll attain in the subsequent quest, “Revelation.”

Siding with the Emissary

Choosing to align with the Emissary during the “Unearthed” mission means that your path leads to a showdown with the Hunter in the “Revelation” quest. The Emissary is the virtuous and just character in this scenario, making them an appealing choice for players who lean towards righteousness.

  • In “Revelation,” you’ll face off against the Hunter, with the option to use diplomacy to avoid a battle. However, it’s crucial to remember that opting for a peaceful resolution comes at the cost of the associated rewards.
  • Should you emerge victorious against the Hunter, you’ll be rewarded with the exclusive “Unmitigated Violence Laser Rifle.”
  • This powerful and unique weapon is a valuable asset to your arsenal. Additionally, you may earn other coveted items, including a stylish space suit.

Siding with the Hunter

Contrarily, if you decide to side with the Emissary, your journey will lead to a confrontation with the Hunter in “Revelation.” The Hunter has been portrayed as a complex and morally ambiguous character throughout the game, often appearing as one of the game’s primary antagonists. This choice adds a layer of intrigue to your decision, as you’ll be challenged to navigate a complex moral landscape.

  • When facing the Hunter in “Revelation,” you’ll have the opportunity to attempt a peaceful resolution by persuading them not to engage in combat.
  • However, be aware that this choice forfeits the associated rewards. Triumphing over the Hunter in combat will grant you access to the coveted “Eternity’s Gate Particle Beam Rifle,” an exclusive and formidable weapon. You may also receive other valuable items, such as an impressive space suit.

Choosing Neither

If you find yourself torn between the Emissary and the Hunter or simply wish to explore an alternative route, you have a third option. When presented with the pivotal decision in “Unearthed,” select the dialogue option that asserts, “I’m tired of both of you. I’ll get to the Unity on my own.” This bold choice sets the stage for a challenging and rewarding experience.

  • By opting for this path, you’ll confront both powerful Starborn characters simultaneously during “Revelation.” Many players regard this as the “true” canon ending, and the rewards are substantial.
  • You’ll gain access to both the “Unmitigated Violence” and “Eternity’s Gate” weapons, ensuring your character’s potency. However, be mindful that if you intend to embark on a New Game Plus playthrough, these rewards may not carry over, as weapons and items typically do not transfer.

The decision to side with the Emissary or the Hunter in Starfield is a pivotal moment that profoundly shapes your journey. Consider the depth of their characters and the potential rewards carefully, and don’t hesitate to explore the “neither” option for a challenging and fulfilling adventure. Your choices in Starfield hold the key to the universe’s destiny, so choose wisely.

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