BitLife: How to be a Choreographer | Padam Challenge

BitLife How to be a Choreographer Padam Challenge

BitLife offers an array of intriguing challenges that test your life simulation skills, and one of the more exciting ones is the Padam Challenge. This unique challenge takes you on a journey from being born in Australia to becoming a famous choreographer, all while navigating the lively club scene. If you’re ready to embark on this adventure, we’ve got a simple guide to help you complete the Padam Challenge in BitLife.

1st Objective: Be Born a Female in Australia

  • Your BitLife Padam Challenge journey begins with selecting your character’s gender and birthplace. To meet the first objective, create a female character and choose Australia as your birth country.
  • Feel free to give your character a fitting name, then select any city in Australia, such as Sydney, as your birthplace. Once you’ve set these parameters, hit the “Start Life” button to successfully complete this initial mission.

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2nd Objective: Become Famous

Becoming famous in BitLife is the key to unlocking the next stage of the Padam Challenge. While there are various paths to fame, we recommend taking the Social Media Influencer route for its efficiency.

  • After reaching the age of 18, join a social media platform of your choice. In the beginning, invest in purchasing followers to boost your overall profile authority.
  • Then, start posting content that resonates with your audience—whether it’s funny, dance videos, political discussions, motivational messages, or vlogs.
  • Within 10 to 15 years, one of your videos will likely go viral, catapulting your follower count. Soon, you’ll unlock the “Fame” tab and obtain the coveted “Famous” status.

3rd Objective: Become a Choreographer

Now, it’s time to pursue your passion for dance and achieve the goal of becoming a choreographer. After graduating from high school at the age of 18, navigate to the “Full-Time Jobs” section.

4th Objective: Go Clubbing More Than Five Times

  • Partying it up at the clubs is the next mission on your Padam Challenge list. To accomplish this, click on the “Nightlife” option found in the “Activities” tab.
  • Choose a club to attend, and keep repeating this process until you’ve gone clubbing at least five times. Be prepared to pay an entry fee ranging from $50 to $100 each time, so make sure your bank balance can cover your party expenses.

5th Objective: Hook Up with Someone You Met at the Club

  • The final mission of the Padam Challenge adds a dash of excitement, as it relies on chance and serendipity. To complete this objective, you need someone at the club to make the first move.
  • Continue clubbing until someone approaches you with romantic intentions. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time, so be patient and enjoy the club scene until your chance encounter occurs.

With these simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the Padam Challenge in BitLife. Embrace the journey, make the most of your time in Australia, and dance your way to fame and romance in the club scene. Good luck, BitLifers!

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