BitLife – How To Become A Model Easy Guide

Since its release, BitLife has managed to dominate the gaming community. Many gamers have been drawn to the game’s concept because of the real-life simulations. The players appear to be very enthusiastic about the game and are even attempting to ask questions about it. To learn more about how to be a model in BitLife, continue reading.

The Barbie Challenge

  • Being a woman
    • This is the most important requirement to consider because the feminine appearance is important and will allow us to become models in this way because Barbie is a model.
  • Becoming a model
    • At some point in our lives, we must become models; to do so, we must graduate from high school and begin the job search process; to do so, we must select the option “Jobs,” and we will be directed to the job search.
    • Modeling, while low-level at first, can be beneficial to us, whether as a hand or foot model; the idea is to work hard for a year; sometimes the basic level model work does not sound very appealing, and perhaps it is a job that few people choose to bet on.
  • Living in a mansion
    • Although the salary may not appear to be significant at first, it is necessary to persevere; in this case, the salary may be as low as $20,000; however, we must exert some effort because our goal is to live in a mansion or something similar. This means that we must be patient and work our way up to our objectives because we can begin with photographic sessions and interviews, each of which is worth around a million dollars once we have the funds. It is sufficient to purchase the desired property; to do so, go to the Assets tab and select the properties to purchase.
  • Undergo surgeries
    • This is a necessary option; we can do everything except gender reassignment; each surgery will cost a few thousand dollars, but it is well worth trying.
    • Among the surgeries are:
      • Brazilian butt lift
      • Botox
      • Eyelid surgery
      • Nose surgery
      • Breast augmentation
      • Facelift
      • Liposuction
      • Abdominoplasty

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