Blast Furnace and Artisan Table – How To Make Valheim Easy Guide

Vikings in Valheim are inquiring about how to obtain the Artisan Table and Blast Furnace in the game. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of everything we know about it!

Only after constructing the Artisan Table can gamers obtain the Blast Furnace. After that, they’ll have to gather a few crafting supplies. Gather all of these materials, then use the crafting table to make the Valheim Blast Furnace. The secret to success in these games is to create as many items as possible while also collecting resources!

Artisan Table

You must first conquer Moder, the 4th boss you will face during your adventure through Valheim, in order to construct and create an Artisan Table. Once you’ve gathered the necessary components, you’ll be able to use your Hammer to create an Artisan Table!

  • The Artisan Table is crucial to your game growth because it enables you to construct a Windmill, Spinning Wheel, and Blast Furnace!
Crafting Recipe
Dragon Tear (2x) Wood (10x)


Blast Furnace

Blast furnaces can be positioned directly on the ground or on stone structures. They can’t as of now be installed on wooden structures, but you can get around this to some extent by terraforming terrain with a Hoe to match wooden floors.

  • It’s a more enhanced form of the Smelter, but it can’t smelt the same ores as the Smelter.
  • The Blast Furnace is a type of furnace that uses coal as energy to transform certain raw resources into metal. Smelting is possible with the following materials:
    • Black Metal Scrap
    • Flametal Ore
Crafting Recipe
Stone (20x) Surtling Core (5x)
Iron (10x) Fine Wood (20x)


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