Among the first mysteries gamers will face in the Golden Apple Archipelago, is a series of murals strewn across the islands. While locating all five murals will net you a sizable sum of primogems, there is still an additional challenge linked to one of the paintings that will get you an even bigger loot!

A penetrable wall on the shore south of the Shattered Isle waypoint conceals a secret cavern with a painting within when breached using the Wind Blessed Harpastum device. The image depicted on the mural provides the answer to a secondary challenge in the Broken Isle location, which gamers may be unaware of.

  • The image depicts 5 ponds, each with a different amount of water. A compass is also included in the mural’s middle. It indicates the location in which the pond on the island is located.
  • To complete the riddle, gamers must visit all of the 5 ponds and adjust the water level according to the mural.

First Pond

  • Northwest of Broken Isle Waypoint
  • Middle Water Level

Second Pond

  • Directly West of Broken Isle Waypoint
  • Use the hydro stone right next to the pond to put water inside the pond.
  • Highest Water Level

Third Pond

  • Right next to the Broken Isle Waypoint
  • Lowest Water Level

Fourth Pond

  • East of the Broken Isle Waypoint
  • Middle Water Level

Fifth Pond

  • Northeast of the Broken Isle Waypoint
  • Climb the mountain and destroy the rocks found just above the pit.
  • Lowest Water Level

You should now go to the shoreline due north of the Broken Isle waypoint after completing all of the ponds. You will see a set of pillars along the shoreline with a sequence of buttons that resemble the compass in the painting.

The challenge will be finished if all of the switches have been pushed in the proper sequence, and one sumptuous chest and two priceless chests will emerge!

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