Hogwarts Legacy has done a phenomenal job of proving a simple fact: that the world envisioned and manifested into letters by J.K. Rowling still strikes a chord. And that too into the heart of many. Today we dive into the possibility of Hogwarts Legacy adapting one of the most renowned legends in the cannon literature of Harry Potter’s wizarding world – the Triwizard Tournament.

triwizard tournament in hogwarts legacy
Ron and Harry at the Triwizard Tournament selection process, Image courtesy of Warner Bros
  1. To tackle this properly, we bring to you an avid discussion. Where? well, one of the subreddits on the internet took to a creative idea: What if Hogwarts Legacy DLC introduce an 1892 year’s Triwizard Tournament? 
  2. This is initially pressed by a grave problem. Mainly that if the game follows the canon storyline, the Triwizard Tournament remained banned from 1792 to 1994, the latter being the year of Harry Potter.

On the possibility of new Hogwarts Legacy DLCs introducing the Triwizard Tournament 

Tackling the problem of Hogwarts Legacy having a Triwizard Tournament is of two kinds. Firstly whether it can manifest in a DLC format or be in a sequel altogether. And the second is whether such tournament gameplay would be viable as per the developers.

Whether or not Hogwarts Legacy receives additional content will depend on various factors, including the game’s reception and commercial success. And such additional content could or could not include the Triwizard Tournament.

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  • The fact that it is currently Steam’s top-selling game and one of the biggest games of all time makes it highly probable that new content will be introduced.
  • Additionally, rumors and leaks have circulated that suggest the possibility of more content for Hogwarts Legacy, further fueling anticipation. While the signs appear favorable, it remains to be seen whether or not new content will indeed materialize.

So the first part of the obstacle is whether Hogwarts Legacy will receive DLC content anytime soon. Which we have covered exclusively in this article.

The second problem would be to find whether such DLCs could potentially include a Triwizard Tournament. That’s what this article is about.

The Canonical history of the Triwizard Tournament from 1792 to 1994 in the Harry Potter world

According to the Harry Potter Canonical literature, the Triwizard Tournament was banned in 1792. The reason was not complex, although quite brutal. The Tournament simply proved to be too fatal and deadly to continue.

A Cockatrice escaped during the Triwizard Tournament of 1792 and injured three judges. This coupled with multiple participants’ deaths was sign enough for the tournament to be halted.

Following a hiatus, the Triwizard Tournament was revived in 1994 with a set of restrictions to prevent potential fatalities.

  • These restrictions included a rule that all applicants must be above the wizarding age of majority, which is 17; those below this age were not permitted to apply as champions.
  • The tournament that year is known for having four competing champions instead of the usual three.

Yet the 1994 Tournament did not stay for subsequent years. For its tragic end with the death of Cedric Diggory and the resurrection of Lord Voldemort. No further tournaments were held after Cedric’s passing.

What about a possible Hogwarts Legacy Sequel featuring Triwizard Tournament?

It would be fantastic to have a sequel that feels like we are returning to Hogwarts for another year with the tournament as the backdrop.

  • Another possibility here is a Hogwarts Legacy specifically to play out the next Triwizard Tournament and feature a new Hogwarts Year altogether. Imagine having a Durmstrang companion, taming a dragon, and attending the Yule Ball!
  • It is common for games to receive additional content such as DLCs or expansions after their initial release, leaving open the possibility of an expansion pack being made available for Hogwarts Legacy.

And many fans would agree that nothing would appease them more than to participate in the Triwizard Tournament itself.

So tackling the possibility of a Triwizard Tournament in Hogwarts Legacy is of two kinds. One it can come through a DLC extension, or two we must await a Hogwarts Legacy Sequel altogether.

One possible way to go about the Triwizard Tournament ban in Hogwarts Legacy DLCs or Sequels

Triwizard Tournament was canceled in 1792, if we consider the sequel or possible DLC content set in 1892, the 100-year anniversary of the cancellation may increase the likelihood of the tournament being reintroduced.

A Reddit user had a creative plan to share with the developers, perhaps even in hopes that the developers were roaming the same subreddit.

  • The game could deviate slightly from canon and make this a test year for the tournament’s return. At the end of the game/tournament, something terrible could happen, intertwined with our characters’ story, resulting in its cancellation once again.
  • Therefore, it would make sense if the characters do not reference the tournament in the Harry Potter universe, as it was effectively never brought back.

Read the full discussion here.

But what are the chances, aren’t these just DLC rumors just speculations, and fans’ creative imagery?

Image courtesy of WB Games

It’s always exciting to see how a game can expand and evolve over time, and the world of Harry Potter presents endless opportunities for new content and experiences.

Despite the long wait for its release, Hogwarts Legacy has met the expectations of many fans, who are thrilled with the game. With its single-player focus, some have speculated about the potential for additional content in the form of DLCs, which could improve the game’s replayability. Others have suggested the possibility of a remarkable Multiplayer DLC.

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