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It’s been nine years since Sony released the PS4 but they’re still keeping up support for the console with new updates and releases. Some new games are still coming to the PS4 but games like Gotham Knights will only release on current-gen consoles like the PS5. This has Sony PS4 owners asking: is it time to get a PS5 or can I still stick with my PS4?

It’s a tradition at this point for gamers to upgrade their units to the latest one if a company like Sony releases a new console. But if you still have the PS4, we think it’s best to hang onto that while Sony focuses on ramping up production for the PS5. There’s no telling when stock levels for the PS5 will become stable but for now, you should make the most out of your PS4 while support is still released for the unit.

Can I still use my PS4 next year or do I get a PS5 instead?

If you have a PS4 right now, the short answer is yes, you can still keep using your PS4 until next year. The only reason for you to avoid the PS4 is if you still don’t have one until now. Your money will be better off spent on a brand new PS5 instead of a second-hand PS4.

Here are our reasons why you can still use the PS4 until next year:

  • The game library for the PS5 is relatively small compared to the PS4. As we said, support is still coming to the PS4 until next year since publishers are still choosing to release their games on the previous-gen unit
  • Getting yourself a PS Plus subscription is still worth it on the PS4 with the number of games you have access to
  • During sales on the PSN Store, some PS4 games can go for relatively low prices
  • Because of how low PS5 stocks are until now, there’s a high chance that new games are still coming to the PS4 in the coming years

Is it worth it to buy a PS4 now?

If you’re just buying the PS4 now or early next year, it’s definitely not worth it. On the other hand, there are still some reasons for you to pick up a PS4 if you really want to try the console out:

  • Every time there is a PS5 restock, you’re not lucky enough to get one
  • You find a good deal for a PS4 Pro that doesn’t have you overspending

We emphasized the PS4 Pro since this is the best version of the console that has been released. Unfortunately, Sony has discontinued the production for this unit since 2020. The best way for you to get your hands on one is through people reselling these consoles online.

Can I still use my Sony PS4 next year or should I get a PS5 - Comparison HFW
Screengrab Courtesy of Open Surprise via YouTube
  • Unlike the PS4 Slim, a Pro version of the PS4 lets you play your games in ultra HD
  • With the advanced hardware on the PS4 Pro, you’re able to play games at the same quality they will be on the PS5
  • There are talks of Sony stopping support for the PS4 in 2024. That’s something you should keep in mind if you still want to get yourself a PS4


Only stick with a PS4 if that’s the console you have now. Otherwise, you should try and get yourself a PS5 as soon as possible since the console supports backwards compatibility. You won’t have to worry about a fear of missing out (FOMO) when it comes to PS exclusives since you can still play PS4 games on the current-gen console.

Best games for the Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense Edge - Controller 1
Screengrabs Courtesy of PlayStation via YouTube

Plus, have you seen the upcoming DualSense Edge controller? It’s definitely something you should have if you’re a hardcore gamer who wants to have an edge (Get it?) over your opponents on the battlefield!

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We hope this guide helped you in deciding whether you should stick with your PS4 or get a PS5. If you have other questions about Sony or the PlayStation consoles, feel free to share them in the comments below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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