Can You Buy Crowns in Fall Guys
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With the growth of Fall Guys around the world, many are wondering if they could buy crowns in the game. Can you buy crowns in Fall Guys? Is there any possibility of that? Well, here’s your complete guide into Fall Guys, its in-game currencies, and of course, the REAL answer to the question.

Can You Buy Crowns in Fall Guys?

The short answer to the question is – NO, you can’t buy crowns in Fall Guys.

Fall Guys has two in-game currencies – Kudos and Crowns. Kudos can be earned by simply playing the game, surviving levels, and having fun. Earning Kudos isn’t difficult at all. With Kudos, you can buy costumes, emotes, and more. Crowns, however, are the premium currency.

Crowns give you access to some of the most-wanted and some of the best costumes in the game. Not just costumes, special rewards, and victory animations. While you can buy Kudos with real money, Crowns can’t be obtained in a similar way.

So, is there any other way to buy/get crowns in Fall Guys?

YES. Well, technically, you can’t buy crowns, but you can get them. The first option is to win the entire matches. If you win the finals, you get a crown. But, let’s say you are good at the game but always fail in the finals. So, here’s what you can do.

You’ll have to keep playing the game continuously so that you get more Fame Points (XP points), level up, and you can get crowns. You can earn over 15 crowns by just playing the game, and increasing your level in Fall Guys Season 2. That’s a LOT!

How to use crowns efficiently and properly?

Fall Guys is constantly teaming up with developers to release new skins every once in a while. Every day, the store also brings in some exciting costume pieces that you can buy with crowns. But resist! Don’t get fooled! Not all costumes are worth spending 5 crowns or sometimes, even 3 crowns.

If you like a costume, give yourself 72 hours to think and process the thought of buying the costume. If after the 72 hours, if you still feel like buying it, go ahead. Another ninja technique for purchasing with crowns is this. Only buy something if you can afford two of them. So, if there’s something on the store for 5 Crowns, only get it if you have 10 crowns. It’s as simple as that.

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