Cult of the Lamb Avoid deaths using this method!
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Death is a frequent companion in rogue-like games like Cult of the Lamb, as anybody who has played them previously knows all too well. Fortunately, there’s a way out of this!

Cult of the Lamb‘s protagonist, a young lamb, was saved at the last minute from being slaughtered by the four Prelates. He who patiently waits for you will rescue you from the jaws of death and give you the Red Crown. A  bargain with this all-powerful creature ensures you’ll always be resurrected after dying while trying to hunt the four Prelates.

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However, it will not protect you from being forced to abandon most of the items you’ve collected along the journey. What if we told you that there was a way around this? As you’ll see below, Cult of the Lamb does provide many means of evading death and losing your items!

Cult of the Lamb: The ultimate sacrifice

Cult of the Lamb is a rogue-like action game with a strategic element, as you likely know. The success of your cult and its members is just as crucial as your progress through the game’s levels. Assuming you feel no sorrow, your devoted little followers may come in handy.

  • Once you have defeated any of the game’s four crucial bosses, you should acquire a Heretic’s Heart.
  • They allow you to access several more permanent abilities under the “Crown” menu of your sanctuary.
  • If you are killed in the dungeon, you can use one of them to revive by sacrificing a follower.

Ritual of Resurrection

  • Once you have this ability, dying in a dungeon for the first time will not result in a complete wipe of your inventory and progress.
  • Rather, you will be given the option to surrender a devotee and begin your explorations with a clean slate.
  • The greater your connection to the latter, the more life points you will collect in the afterlife.

Keep in mind that if you were to sacrifice your partner, you might get back a significant portion of your life and three blue hearts. Such a sacrifice may, for instance, let you recover the beast’s hair if you perish during the run’s boss fight and return back to defeat it.

If you’ve gained this ability but prefer to lose stuff than surrender a follower, you may always just go back to your base without sacrificing a soul.

Loot Goblin!

It would be unfortunate to lose a significant portion of your run’s loot due to a bug, especially if you had amassed a large number of resources, gold coins, food, or priceless seeds. If you’re worried about losing everything if this comes to a head, remember that there is a method to avoid it.

  • Check to verify whether one of the two possible dungeons is not crowned before deciding which one to enter.
  • The secret altar depicted in this cryptic artwork is truly surrounded by beautiful blooms.
  • If you pray to the latter before the finish of your run, you’ll get back every item you’ve collected along the way, no matter how badly you performed!
  • If you do this and you still don’t make it, you’ll have wasted a lot of time for nothing. As a precautionary, we suggest you use the road that goes to this shrine whenever possible.

Cult of the Lamb Resurrect Route

Have you played Cult of the Lamb? What do you think of the game? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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