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Before creating a character in Cyberpunk 2077, you first have to choose a lifepath. It determines your background and life experiences before the game’s story begins. It’s best to understand what each brings to help you choose one that resonates for you. The three paths are:

Corpo Nomad Street Kid


You are a part of the corporate machine and aim to climb up the ladder no matter the cost. The corpo path is the most cold-hearted and selfish of all as you’re only looking out for yourself.


During your youth, you’ve traveled across North America with a clan. Eventually, you part ways and begin a life for yourself. Nomads are the outcasts of society, often associated with acts of crime. This path makes you an outsider.

Street Kid

You grew up in the streets of Night City, learning how to deal with the environment and the people there. Your goal is to get out of the gutter and find your way to a better path. This path feels like you’re starting from rags and working your way up.

Image Courtesy of CD Projekt Red

The Differences of Each Lifepath

The most noticeable difference between each is your prologue. Each will have a different cinematic and early gameplay section before getting the main story. The prologue will be around an hour.

Other than that, the lifepath doesn’t affect any of your abilities or stats. They may open up dialogues later in the game though inconsequential. They may also have lifepath exclusive quests that help flesh out your character’s background more.

For players, the best option is to take what you feel is best for your character. Are you thinking of becoming more of an antagonist type? Then the Corpo path may be a consideration. Choosing one doesn’t change much in your gameplay experience, so pick the one you’ll feel satisfied playing.

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