Dead by Daylight: Chucky – Perks and Power Breakdown

Dead by Daylight: Chucky - Perks and Power Breakdown

Let’s explore Chucky’s abilities, perks, and statistics in Dead by Daylight to gain a deeper understanding of what this notorious k*ller has to offer.

Chucky’s Power: Playtime’s Over

Let’s explore Chucky’s special abilities, Hidey-Ho Mode, ‘Slice & Dice’ and Scamper in Dead by Daylight. These unique powers make him a formidable k*ller, and we’ll break down how they work.

Dead by Daylight: Chucky - Perks and Power Breakdown chucky vaulting
Screengrab Courtesy of The King via YouTube
  1. Hidey-Ho Mode
    • Chucky’s Hidey-Ho Mode allows him to become undetectable and generate map-wide footfalls, disorienting survivors with sounds and footprints from various directions. Survivors will have a hard time pinpointing his exact location while he’s in this mode.
  2. Slice and Dice
    • While in Hidey-Ho Mode, Chucky gains access to the Slice and Dice ability, which lets him rush unsuspecting survivors and deliver a lethal attack.
  3. Scamper
    • While in Hidey-Ho Mode, Chucky can ‘Scamper’ through windows or under downed pallets.

Chucky’s Perks

Chucky comes with three unique perks that offer unique advantages. Let’s take a closer look at each one and how they can benefit the k*ller.

Dead By Daylight Chucky all details - chucky with baseball bat
Screengrab Courtesy of The King via YouTube
  1. Hex: Two Can Play: Whenever you are stunned or blinded by any survivor, you gain a stacking effect. After two times, if there are no hex totems associated with Hex: Two Can Play, a dull totem becomes a hex totem. Survivors who stun or blind you are blinded for 1.5 seconds, significantly impeding their escape.
  2. Friends Till the End: This perk designates you as obsessed with one survivor. When you hook a non-obsession survivor, the obsession becomes exposed for 20 seconds. During this time, the aura of the exposed survivor is revealed for 10 seconds, providing constant information about their whereabouts.
  3. Batteries Included: When near a completed generator, you gain a 5% haste bonus within a 12-meter radius of the generator. This movement speed bonus persists for 5 seconds after leaving the generator’s range. The perk enhances your mobility, especially in the endgame, when combined with other movement speed bonuses.


Chucky’s in-game statistics make him a unique k*ller. He has a movement speed of 4.4 m/s, which is slightly slower than the standard 115% movement speed k*llers. Additionally, his terror radius is relatively short, making him a stealthier and unpredictable opponent.

Add-ons for Chucky

Chucky offers a range of add-ons that modify his powers and abilities. These add-ons affect the duration of Hidey-Ho Mode, Slice and Dice attack, create illusionary footfalls, or reveal survivor auras. These add-ons provide various gameplay options for Chucky players, allowing for a customized approach to each match.

  1. Hard Hat – Performing a Scamper under a pallet breaks it immediately and will exit ‘Hidey-Ho mode’.
  2. Iridescent Amulet – Increases ‘Hidey-Ho Mode’ duration by 100%.
  3. Mirror Shards – Chucky can see the Illusory Footfalls around Survivors.
  4. Pile of Nails – Remains undetectable for 5 seconds after manually exiting ‘Hidey-Ho mode’.
  5. Plastic Bag – Will cause ‘Exhausted’ on Survivor who walks through an Illusory Footfall.
  6. Straight Razor – ‘Slice and Dice’ attack inflicts Hemorrhage and Mangled.
  7. Portable TV – ‘Slice & Dice’ duration increased by 100% once Exit Gates are powered.
  8. Rat Poison – ‘Slice & Dice’ attack will reveal the auras of Survivors within 8 meters of Chucky.
  9. Running ShoesGain 4% movement speed after a Scamper for 3 secs.
  10. Silk PillowTerror Radius reduced by 4 meters, and ‘Slice & Dice’ charge time is increased by 75%.
  11. Yardstick – Scamper reveals Survivor auras within 20 meters of Chucky for 5 seconds.
  12. Automatic Screwdriver – Missed Slice & Die reduces ‘Hidey-Ho Mode’ cooldown by 15%.
  13. Electric Carving Knife – Decreases ‘Slice & Dice’ miss cooldown by 10%.
  14. Hair Spray & CandleDecreases time basic attacks are removed from ‘Hidey-Ho Mode’ by 12.5%.
  15. Jump Roper Increases the duration of ‘Slice & Dice’ by 30%.
  16. Power DrillReduces ‘Hidey-Ho Mode’ cooldown by 20% after using ‘Slice & Dice’ on Survivor.
  17. Doll EyesReveal auras of all windows and downed pallets within 20 meters while in ‘Hidey-Ho Mode’.
  18. Good Guy Box – ‘Slice & Dice’ hit cooldown reduced by 15%.
  19. Strobing Light Terror Radius decreased by 4 meters when ‘Hidey-Ho Mode’ is in cooldown.
  20. Tiny Scalpel Blood pools are more visible in ‘Hidey-Ho Mode’.

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