Dead By Daylight: The Huntress Tips For Beginners

The skill to hurl machetes may not seem spectacular when other predators in Dead by Daylight can transport, summon phantom crows, and become invisible. Any survivor who has been hit by a hatchet throughout the field understands how deadly the Huntress can be!

Patience Pays

  • It’s normal to want to swat a survivor with a hatchet as soon as they arrive. However, it’s usually a horrible idea. Survivors can hide under cover, weave an unpredictable course in the open, and evade a hatchet throw by using Dead Hard.
  • Don’t make a hasty decision. Wait until the survivor is out of position to enhance your chances of hitting. One of the most typical responses to a killer’s attacks, Dead Hard, can often be lured. This leaves the survivor defenseless and provides the Huntress with the opportunity to damage or kill her prey.

Anna’s Lullaby

  • The Huntress, like the scariest killers in Dead by Daylight, has shortcomings that compensate for her capabilities. The first is that it moves at a slower pace than many other killers. The second is a strange melody that the Huntress hums as she searches for survivors.
  • The lullaby cannot be silenced, making close-range stealth impossible for the character. Survivors will always be aware when the Huntress is approaching and will frequently have enough time to ditch their generator or totem in order to seek cover. When on the hunt, good Huntress players adjust for Anna’s slow movement and lullabies.
Screengrab Courtesy of RedsGamingGears via YouTube

Avoid Winding Up Too Early

  • When you are prepared to throw your hatchet, the Huntress is slower than when she is brandishing her ax. Getting ready for a hatchet hurl too soon enables survivors to hide that you wouldn’t have been able to target in time.
  • Don’t try to keep up with a survivor while holding a hatchet at the ready. It’s a common mistake made by rookie Huntress players. It’s advisable to wait as long as possible before drawing a hatchet during a chase to maintain speed and put maximum pressure.

Over Pallets

  • The Huntress, like the Tricker and the Twins, has the advantage of being able to hit survivors over pallets and other types of low cover. Despite the fact that some pallets must be shattered, a good Huntress can threaten survivors on the other side of some pallet loops. Knowing when to break a pallet and when to disregard it and go for the hatchet throw is a delicate but crucial skill.
Screengrab Courtesy of RedsGamingGears via YouTube

Animation Lock

  • Certain actions, on the other hand, bind the survivor to a certain location. A survivor cannot change direction after vaulting a window or dropping a pallet until the first animation is done.
  • Before tossing a hatchet, the Huntress can take advantage of this by waiting for survivors to enter such restricted animations. The hit is guaranteed because the survivor has no ability to evade it.

Practice Makes A Huntress

  • Anna’s hatchets are powerful, but they aren’t inexhaustible. She can only carry a certain quantity at a time, and when she’s out, she’ll have to reload at one of the red lockers strewn over the landscape. It’s tempting to reload after every shot, a habit that many FPS gamers have developed, but doing so is a quick way to a four-survivor escape.
  • Reaching a locker and reloading takes valuable time, and Dead by Daylight is a game where every second counts. The Huntress maximizes the amount of time she can spend in pursuit of survivors by reducing the number of times she reloads, bringing her one strike closer to a 4k triumph against even the finest survivors.
  • It takes a lot of practice to play a ranged killer like Huntress, Trickster, or Plague. There is no substitute for entering the Trials day after day, seeking survivors, and polishing one’s talent, no matter how many suggestions one reads or how many instructional Youtube videos one watches.
Screengrab Courtesy of RedsGamingGears via YouTube

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