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The four pictograms are the first step towards understanding the machine in Fia’s Art Studio, and this article explains how to find them. There are a lot of hints, but the game only provides you with 4, so your experience won’t be the same as everyone else’s. Let’s take a look.

This is a crucial stage in Deathloop since it allows you to eliminate two Visionaries at once. Other tutorials, hints, and secrets can be found throughout this site to assist players with various aspects of Deathloop.

In Deathloop’s Visionary Lead “Afternoon Delight,” players must solve an intricate cassette tape puzzle to gain access to a secret room where two of the Visionaries, Charlie and Fia, meet. The door to the room is locked behind a complex pictogram puzzle. The four Pictograms that make up the code must be found inside a specific location.

Fia’s Studio Location

  • Fristad Rock is where Fia’s studio is located. Colt must arrive at noon to gain entrance to the studio. At other times of the day, it is locked. To get there, begin the level on the left side and proceed to the right.
  • Among the rocks, there is a small hole. A junkyard with numerous mines can be found here. Colt will come across a comms base if he stays to the left (be careful to avoid and disarm the mines).
  • You can either dash past it and descend to one of the entrances below, or turn right and enter via that door. Remember that there are multiple routes to the bunker, but this one is the easiest and fastest.

How To Beat Fia

Once inside, Colt must pay close attention to the menu’s hints. Another factor to examine is whether or not Fia should be killed. If you don’t kill her first, you’ll have to be really stealthy. If she is still alive, an alert is sounded, and the loop starts over. Given this, it could be a good idea to take her out first.

  • Take a left and kill the guards inside the locker room (if Colt enters from the bottom of the cliff past the communications base). Colt is currently on the top floor of the next chamber, which has 2 storeys.
  • Then on the first floor, there are several guards, including a couple who are on the same floor as the player. To keep track of them, tag them all and move to the left side of the space. The player eventually sees a photograph of Colt and Julianna.
  • Turn right and walk down the corridor, avoiding discovery by hacking the sensors along the route. Julianna has taken up residence in the reactor room. Sneaking up behind her and carrying out a silent execution should be simple enough.
  • Taking her on the indirect battle is difficult because she possesses extraordinary combat powers because of her Havoc Slab. Furthermore, even if the player can kill her swiftly, she will arm the nuclear bomb if she even sees you once, making a direct confrontation dangerous. She drops many Trinkets and a large amount of Residuum, just like other Visionaries.

It’s easier to find the pictograms now that Fia is no longer around, and there’s no danger of nuclear devastation.

Fia’s Paintings (Pictograms) Locations

There are four pictograms in total, but understanding their meaning is not as simple as memorizing their location. The hints given by each player are different. Fortunately, they’re all in the bunker, so the game doesn’t force the player to run about the district.

Unfortunately, all of Fia’s paintings are always visible, so one must pay attention to the indications to figure out where to look. Here are the hints, along with their various locations:

It’s Overshadowed By Fia’s Shimmering Masterpiece
  • It’s in the room Colt was in right before killing Fia and after the locker room, behind the nuclear core.
  • The painting is behind the reactor core on the level below.
It enlivens the lockers
  • This is in the locker room of Fia’s area, which is on the second floor.
  • The symbol is in the center of the chamber, secured by two guards.
It marks Fia’s stage exit
  • A route in blue and other colors has been painted along the floor.
  • The painting should be right in front of Colt if you follow this path to a door.
It’s beneath the wheeled behemoth
  • The reactor core room has a second entrance on the second floor as well.
  • It will lead you to a larger Bunker chamber.
  • There is a tank in the midst of this; look under it for this Pictogram.

It wants for power

  • There is a closed cage with lasers at the top of the area containing the tank.
  • Open it with a fully charged battery and look at the painting on the wall.
It adds color to tools and schema
  • This room is on the other side of the previous hint.
  • When you walk in, the painting should be visible.
It Lubricates the shaft
  • Between the two aforementioned rooms is an elevator shaft.
  • The room is largely lighted in yellow, which should set it out from the others.
  • Enter and climb the stairs to see the painting on the wall.
It ogles near the entrance
  • At the entrance to one of the bunkers.
  • None of the above-mentioned entrances and exits apply.
  • It’s hung on a window sill.
It tends the main hall
  • Return to the drawn path until Colt comes to a sensor.
  • The painting should be on the wall across from it.

This isn’t the only mission in Deathloop where each player gets a different set of clues and solutions. It’s difficult to predict exact solutions for each player, but these should cover the majority of the hints.

Following the Clues

  • Return to the machine where Charlie’s machine is waiting and enter the password using the hints. It can also be just as difficult to figure out how to enter the codes correctly as it is to uncover the clues.
  • Players must first locate each of the photographs using the hints on the tapes. This will necessitate a lot of trial and error.
  • Also, after determining which cassettes trigger the photos, the player must activate them in the order indicated with the clues. Colt opens the chamber where Sofia and Charlie are having their secret meeting once this riddle has been solved.
  • Players must walk to the top floor of the room and find the lever that floods the room in order to kill both of them. They can then hack their way out of the room through the back entrance.
  • While there are several methods to kill each of the Visionaries, this is the correct approach for completing the last loop and beating the game.

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